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Recent posts by Mona Lewis

Saturday, March 10, 2018  9am-4pm. $75
Livingston, MT

A hands-on look at installing your own solar system

Yes, it is legal to install your own solar system in Montana. On grid, off grid, batteries? Seems a daunting task and what are the risks? Allow solar installers Chris and Michele Evans to guide you through the ins and outs of solar. Join the solar buying collective and help yourself and others tap into this clean unlimited resource at wholesale prices.
Location: Livingston address provided upon registration.

Instructors Chris and Michele Evans are the owner, operators of Earth Wind and Fire Solar. They have been installing solar and wind power systems in South West Montana for 18 years.

Register online: or call 406-222-9999
1 year ago
Is anyone successful in growing blueberries in Montana?
If so how did you do it?!
I hear they like to be near white pine.
2 years ago
Hi Paul,

I met you at the Toby Hemenway PC group get-together
in Fishtail, MT.

I have something you might be interested in that could really help your condition and help your body heal.

I don't usually respond to requests like on the podcast although I will respond out of respect for you and what you are doing through permaculture...helping so many people. Your work is much appreciated.

I had a major health challenge in 2014 and I found a device from Germany reducing inflammation in the body and therefore there is pain reduction too. There is nothing else out there like this. I would be willing to drive across MT and give you two free sessions...It only takes 8 minutes each. Sometimes that is all it takes to have some change....sometimes more time is required, everyone's body is different. All I know is it does work in the cases I have seen. With the amount of pain I hear you are in I am willing to do this.

I would be happy to share more about this if you are interested.

Healing Blessings to you Paul,

Paradise Permaculture Institute
3 years ago
Hi Everyone,

We are inviting you to an event sponsored by Planet Natural to support the success of anyone growing their own seeds.
Cheryl Moore-Gough the co-author of The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds (and co-author of 4 more gardening books!) will give two talks. Some important topics she will cover are the special handling of biennials, hand pollination, isolation methods, just what are F1 hybrids and why their seeds may not come true and more!

Michele Evans, with 30 years of seed saving experience, will provide hands on experience with seeds, practical information for growing seeds and bring real growing examples. Michele is a Montana Master Gardener Level 2 and a bio-intensive instructor working with Ecology Action.

We will finish with a Seed Swap. Bring your own seeds if you have them and envelopes or containers to collect them. Recycled junk mail envelope work well.

When: Saturday February 28, 2015 1-4pm $30
Where: Elk River Books, Wheatgrass Saloon
120 N Main, Livingston, MT

The future of healthy seed is in the hands of all of us individually!
We hope you can join us.
For more information and to register:
Or give us a call at 406- 222-9999 or email
4 years ago
Hi, Does anyone know what time the classes are on Saturdays and if I am teaching 3 of the Saturdays
can I record it to watch later or does Geoff expect everyone to be on live?
Thanks, Mona
Earthworks Weekend Workshop

Creating the environment for Nature to
produce edible landscapes
Establish a natural pond, berms of all sizes, terraces, planting the berm, cover crops, mulching and more!

With Mona Lewis of Paradise Permaculture &
Zach Weiss of Perpetual Green Gardens

in Livingston, Montana
August 17th & August 18th, 2013
9:00 – 1:00pm and 2:00 – 6:00pm
Alternating 2 hours in classroom & 2 hours on site
$300 or $120 for work trade (12 hrs during next 3 days)
Includes handouts and a Permaculture notebook
Contact: Mona at 406-222-9999
5 years ago