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I don't think I have any parasites, but I do want to clean out my insides. I'll also take whatever other benefits come my way.
I don't worry about taking it on an empty stomach and haven't changed my diet or exercise regimen (neither are that great at the moment).
But I'm just trying to see if FGDE has any real merit for me and my body. I don't want to change up too many things because I want to know that it's the DE and not something else I'm doing.

I've read a lot about this and after weighing my options and intentions just started taking FGDE Tuesday. I was able to find the Wolf Creek Ranch brand in a 2lb bag locally at a health food store.
I scooped out a good bit of it into a clean, dry cornstarch container so I wouldn't have to keep dipping from that bag. I had no problems with the little puffs of DE powder that came up when I scooped it out.

I haven't taken it yet today, but this will be my 4th day (I skipped Thursday). Tuesday and Wednesday, I mixed 1 tsp in about 6-8oz of soymilk each day.
I stirred quickly and drank a little...stirred more and drank a little until it was all gone. Then I scooped the remaining that was left at the bottom of the glass and licked the spoon.
I probably could have stirred it once and just drank it down the first time. The soymilk tasted a bit chalky, but its not bad at all.

I know I literally just started, but I didn't feel like the DE was "working". So yesterday, I mixed 1.5-2 tbsp. in, I feel a bit stopped up - like I "may" be a bit constipated but maybe not quite yet.
My stomach was a little cramped this morning - not bad, but like the urge to go. When I went, nothing happened. It's a few hours later. My stomach doesn't hurt at all and I don't feel stopped up.
But I still haven't gone yet. I took probiotic pills earlier this morning because I read that they were good to take while taking DE. I also haven't eaten yet today either.

Now I'm wondering if I should go back down to 1 tsp today or skip a few days to deal with possible constipation.
Should I take the DE with plain water or juice or mix it in a shake instead of with soymilk?
I read that if you take it with something thicker (than water), it helps move the DE through your body and betters the scrubbing action to remove gunk and junk on the way out.
I like the way it tastes with soymilk and prefer to just keep taking like this unless there's something in the soymilk that limits the benefits of DE.

So far, no benefits (its only been 3 out of 5 days...4 out of 5 if I take it today). Not really surprised, but I've read some articles and posts where people claim to see some sort of results after the first dose.
But better yet, no adverse side effects to speak of. I don't count the current hiccup unless it actually proves to be constipation.

It seems like this 2lb bag will last forever if I only take 1 tsp per day. Even if I work my way up to taking 1 tbsp., its gonna last for months!
My goal is to use DE for at least a month to see how it works for me.
5 years ago