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Recent posts by Michael Graydersicks

Hi all, I'm in Detroit suburbia. I don't know anything about farming and never grew anything (except about of pound of tobacco in 2010). If they ever legalize growing industrial hemp, I have the lawn that proves I can grow weeds!Saw the TED talk with the guy that says he can fix the African desert with controlled grazing, which led me to Geoff Lawton videos. The Lawton videos were, to me, amazing. I read alot of truth news, and have read Rawles's, "The Patriot" and "America Overthrown," by Dean. I may have 100-200 hours of reading and video watching in. Marcin Jakubowski's machine interest me at Global Village Construction (so, I took a welding course)

Here's my early idea, please critique.

Cheap/frugal is my budget.

5-10 acres farm/recreational in St. Clair, Lapeer,or Jackson county. 2-3000 $/acre. Zoning expertise welcomed.

Organic or better crops. Bypass USDA org cert

Food forest of nut & fruit trees (I love nuts). If possible grown from seed that I bought as groceries. Thoughts, please.

Get a decent crossbow & become proficient with it,

Learn how to make dams and ponds.

Oehler 50 bux underground house. Heated by rocket mass. Electric via wood gas & a generator? & maybe brew beer with those high temps, too?

I know nothing about water wells, help. Suppose I'll need filtration, too.

How & what fruit and vegtables do I polyculture for fertilzation, pest control (& pollination?).

Can I have perch & pickerel fish ponds?

I like milk & steaks (and those Meatsmith Economy of Thrift videos)

What about making herbal oils (17 bux an ounce for oregano oil)?

Thanks, all


10 years ago