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Russ Harrison

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since Oct 10, 2013
Permaculture newbie, just got some land, looking to get my hands dirty.
Portland - Alsea
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Going to post this on CL Monday, so hit me up soon if you interested.

4 months ago
I have a permaculture project ongoing in Alsea (25 miles SW of Corvallis). Need a hand to help with implementation of design and labor. 20 hours per week now to 40 hours in the summer.

Paid position, $15 per hour

Requirements :

- Damn good work ethic (Most important)
- Ability to handle strenous physical activity
- Ability to lift 40+ pounds
- Some knowledge or experience with permaculture, gardening, nursery or landscape work
- No fear of the rain or getting dirty
- Some kind of carpentry, electrical or building experience

Flexible on the timing, could be on weekends or worked around a class schedule.

It's on 4 acres with riverfront, so there could be a space for camping
on site.
6 months ago
I think it will work. the saw dust will eventually become soil.

Until then, the air between it should be good insulation.

3 years ago
Oh, the field mouse was not poisoned. Just found it when I entered.

I am all organic no toxic gick.

It is located in field.
3 years ago
Hello All,

An update on this project.

My plan was to bury this with the fill from a pond.

Due to county/state laws that was not possible last summer..

So I improvised. Laid down a couple layers of plastic over the thing. Then buried it 4 feet of hay.

That actually worked well. On the hottest day here, 97 degrees, inside this was 76 degrees.

Plus it has not froze, on the coldest night here 19 degrees it was 49 degrees inside.

The pics










So the plan going forward is just to bury this hay again this year.

3 years ago
The plan is to have several layers of plastic sandwiched between

So, plastic over the structure, then a foot or so of earth, then several more layers of plastic
then a last foot or two of earth over it.

Yes, Dry soil (Hopefully) between the layers.
4 years ago
Next steps

-about 4 layers of plastic sheeting 6 mil, spread out past the structure about 10 feat in every direction

- Stain/weather proof sealant for the door and Jamb

- Add buried extension cord for light and power

- Bury the damn thing
4 years ago
Just an update

Work in Portland took me away from this away for awhile but just getting back to finish it


- Added a door

-Initial Sealant added

The concrete roof leaked so I felt the asphaltium was needed.

Raining last two days and it is dry in there. YES!!!

4 years ago
Another update.

Got the arch Poured and Motared this weekend.


Next step, decide on the barrier : Asphaltium or plastic

The install the doors and bury it.

4 years ago
Oh, thanks for the comments Bill and Keith.

Researching on the assphat-ium or even if the concrete needs a
water barrier.

Concrete is NOT waterproof. Water moves through it,

I built this above ground, on grade so the water will naturally drain.

Next steps

Finish pouring the arch,

Decide on asphaltium/barrier

My neighbor has a tractor with backhoe attachment. The plan is to use the fill
from a small pond to bury this.

Gotta stack functions baby!


4 years ago