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Yes, you can can butter, bacon & bacon grease, and lard.

You will need to clarify the butter, grease, or lard first, by slowly bringing it to a boil in a pan, then allow it to cool & become solid, perhaps in the fridge.

Drain or scrape all the salty cream from the bottom of the butter, it will be at the bottom of the pan. You can flip your saucepan upside down into a large cake pan or whatever you have. The greasy yellow butter is clarified butter. It won't harm your butter if you leave it in, but it will leave unappetizing specks of brown cream in the bottom.

Re-melt the clarified butter, carefully pour into pint canning jars leaving a 1" head-space, clean the jar rims with a rag with vinegar on it to get all butter off rim of jar, seal jars, put into pressure canner with 2 or 3 quarts of water in the canner, per manufacturers' instructions; process 90 minutes at 10psi as per your pressure canner instructions for meats.

Same process can be used for lard, bacon grease, beef or pork fat. Bacon grease is very good in biscuits, for frying eggs, potatoes, chicken, etc. I have had the most wonderful results with frying chicken in bacon fat.

Like anything canned, butter will not taste the same as fresh, but it's just as useful, maintains a longer shelf-life, and is a welcomed luxury in hard times.
5 years ago