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since Oct 12, 2013
I bounce around quite a bit as I am still looking for that place that I will call home. I am looking to gain more farming/gardening experience and plant identification to better prepare me for living off the land when I do choose to settle and grow my roots somewhere.
Detroit, MI
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The Farm Nanny is now accepting bookings for the winter season (December - April). Experienced farmhand dedicated to organic and sustainable food production offering temporary care for your farm or homestead. Take the vacation you deserve and leave the home and animal care to me. Contact me for further details and pricing information. Cheers and Happy Harvest!
4 years ago
Hello Lindsey!
I am a transplant from Michigan and am realizing just how much more there is to harvest here and how very different, of course the plant varieties and harvest times are as well. This is very fascinating to me and time well spent! I love learning the cycles of the plants and learning just how much they offer to our health.
I have been considering getting a very large map of Oregon and somehow marking it with the plants that I have seen growing in areas that I explore -
having a plant categorized list on the side that would be used to look up when and what to harvest of the plants.
I would enjoy sharing more information with you as we both discover more wildcrafting opportunities.

Happy Harvesting to you!
Have you been taking in any winter selections? Cedar tips, hawthorn, rose hips...?

5 years ago
A great thread of conversation we have going here! I love that so many of you are interested in the benefits of nonprofits! I'm really of the belief that it is A way of the future. We have this system in place with governmental regulations and agencies that so easily restrict us from living as freely as we would like to, but in many ways nonprofits allow us to network with more credibility and focus, as well as attaining the community support and material needs we have for various projects - if we are inclined to to the foot work and sustain the goals the non profit hopes to manifest.

Tara - I would love to talk with you more about your ideas to fire up or become involved with a nonprofit, as I am closest to you and we may find that we could work together! I have been reading loads of books from the library and talking with many people here in Portland that have recently started their own nonprofits - which has offered a wealth of information and resources! Please contact me via personal email if you would like to discuss/brainstorm further!

Christopher - I never really considered the benefits of a nonprofit protecting a property to ensure that the "dream lived on" but what a wonderful idea! I would also be happy to share with you some cookie cutter bylaws and articles of incorporation if you are interested in those files for starting your nonprofit. I do know that the regulations can vary from state to state, well.....they often do, but not too much. Let me know if you are interested in the information I have and I can send you some files! They were shared with me by a friend who has recently developed his own nonprofit and he attained the information from a nonprofit class at PSU here in Portland.

Best wishes to you all with your nonprofit adventures! Lets keep this conversation rollin!
5 years ago
Hello All!
I have finally transplanted to Portland, and am desperately seeking a home setting more comfortable than my current downtown apartment. My sub lease is up this month, October, and I really want to find a home space where I can live more naturally.

My partner and I will be teaming up to take on rent together. He has Cystic Fibrosis and has many health needs that need to be met within his home setting, but he is otherwise very healthy and active. We are well versed in gardening, composting, raising chickens and are looking to get into raising goats as well. We are hoping to find a home in Portland we can rent ($1400/month max), but with such a short time crunch we are open to sublets and community housing options also. We are willing to work to help you improve your property's gardening capacity to lessen rent, or if by chance you have a home to rent to us we would take wonderful care of it!

We are not partiers, we don't smoke and we will be spending much time working on his extensive CF fundraising campaign and no-profit work. I am currently taking my prerequisites for my midwifery program, so I will also be spending much time in my books.
Please contact me immediately if you have any rental options to offer us, or any suggestions for us as well.

Thank you and Happy Autumn to you all!
5 years ago
Hello All!
I am looking for information, tips and suggestions from any of you who may have found success in blogging and e-books as a means of a financial additive to a hobby. I am apassionate writer in the process of firing up my blog where I will eventually be selling an herbal line of teas and many other products. I am also looking into writing some good how-to e-books when I get a bit more settled into my blog.

Anyone find success there? I am not looking to get rich or retire off this, but am hoping to get some spare travel cash or more with this already active hobby.

Appreciate any advice in advance!

Meghann B.
5 years ago
Currently residing in Florence and though am without vehicle - for anyone willing to get on out in these woods and wildcraft I AM DOWN! I am helping a small herbal medicine business to gather herbs for tinctures and teas and am looking to make my own products for both home and sale.
Please let me know if you are interested in this! I will be here for the spring and then will be wildcrafting elsewhere.

and by the way - I think it is SO beautiful to see so many of you talking about the wonderful herbal alleys we have! Nice to know that so many out there are utilizing and familiarizing themselves with the plants that so many have used for years! Blessed Be!

5 years ago
I REALLY appreciate your thoughts with this and also hope for the best with you and your route to community building! I am still choosing to study "how to start a non-profit" for my semester.....that begins in just three short days ; ) and knowing me, I will end up firing one up for better serve the greater needs of communities. I may not fully understand the pressures and potential stresses of the legalities of a non-profit until I have one going, or am at least in the process of it, but I do believe it is what I should devote my time and energy to. I see SO many more options in terms of getting the funding and material needs met for projects by having a non-profit and though I am not claiming to be a tax or law wizard, I am not a stranger to the great depths of time and energy they can consume to do things "legally". I would really enjoy to keep in touch with you here and there to see where you are in your progress of spreading the seeds of community building and also to network with you and the non-profits you may be working with.
I think it is so important to remain open to learning from those who have taken similar routes and I am working right now to build a large network of people to either work with or have as guides should I have questions or concerns. I also am open to being a contact for anyone who may have questions for me about the route I will take and the lessons I will learn along the way.
Good day to you and again - I really appreciate your reaching out!
Should you want to keep in touch - it is easier for me, or at least I better remember to check and respond to personal e-mails more. should you be interested in keeping in touch, please contact me at
THANK YOU! and have a blessed day!
5 years ago
Thank you SO much for your advice! Would you be interested in being someone I could possibly contact via e-mail at least if I have further questions in my up and coming project? I will understand if you are not interested in that. I am still thinking it is something I want to do, but really appreciate your honest and experienced considerations. I will inevitably be studying this for my semester that begins in Jan. even if I do not start one at my own during that time.
Thank you again for reaching out!
5 years ago
Chris -
I hear you! Well wish you well in all of your....planning! I am studying "How to start a nonprofit" for school this semester and will be firing up one of my own so.....I thought I would ask. Would be great to keep in touch in case your plans do involve further action with your starting projects for or involving a nonprofit : )
5 years ago
Chris -
I am interested in starting a non profit myself. I hae decided that would be the focus of my study this semester for college and I intended on having a heavy focus of " sowing the seeds of sustainable communities" - and many permaculture projects for my nonprofit. Did you ever fire one up? how has it been working out for you if you did, and or why did you decide against it if you did not.

5 years ago