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Sigh. I knew someone was going to say chickens and I know that would be the best answer, but alas I don't have any. I have a giant cat who would gladly murder any chicken he came near.

And thanks for the clarification on the cardboard. That's the situation I have in my garden right now, b/c we sheet mulched. I won't be doing that.

At this point I am thinking the dumping out in the field/marsh behind our house or woods is the best option. I'm not sure I'm up for another couple of years of battling it in another spot!

No comments on the rhizome barriers? I just looked up that bindweed roots can go up to 20 ft deep, so maybe that's why! Nix that idea.

7 months ago
Hi all. Last year I got a load of horse manure and used it in sheet mulching to make my new garden. This year I have hedge bindweed (morning glory) popping up everywhere in the garden and am just dealing with it. Before I knew where it came from, I got another load of manure from the same person this year. It is now sitting in my driveway and I'm scared to use it anywhere--it is literally full of bindweed. Does anyone have any tips for possibly eradicating it from the pile, or an idea of how to use it that won't cause a problem? I've thought of getting a very large, closed container and using it in there, but it's a lot! My other thought is to put in some deep rhizome barriers wherever I plan to use it. My husband wants to cart it out to the woods and dump it, but that just seems like a waste.
7 months ago
Hi Anne! Nice to “meet” you! I’m up in isle la motte. I’ve been on here a while but I mostly just lurk and read and post when I am looking for info! I should spend more time on here!

To Penny- I got them from
Elmore Roots Nursury in Vermont. They might still have some to order online this year but the are swaaaaamped. I ordered trees a month ago and the order still hasn’t been fulfilled. Check them out- just google their name and you should be able to find them.
8 months ago
Update: I think I misidentified the shoots as Apios Americana b/c I've been looking out for the shoots where I planted it last year. Now I think it's bindweed, and that I am, in fact, screwed!

Hi there. I planted Apios Americana near my annual garden last spring (rookie mistake??), and this year it has started popping up over 20 ft away in beds I'm intending for things like kale, tomatoes, beans, carrots, etc. And it's in my garlic beds. Am I screwed? OR, might it be a beneficial arrangement? I am feeling like it could have pros and cons but would like to hear others opinions and experience! Thanks!

8 months ago
Thank you both for your responses. You got the wheels turning and I think I have a plan! Cheers!
8 months ago
Hi friends. I have an awesome dilemma. I have a big open acre of property that I am on my way to unlawning as my budget and time permits. I already have a large annual and perennial food garden that was made by sheet mulching, and I will be installing more trees with other guilds soon, and building on those areas with sheet mulch every year. I have pretty good soil and tend to want to put things in the ground, rather than in raised beds. It seems that raised beds dry out faster, get more pests (slugs for wood) and are generally just more maintenance than growing right in the ground. HOWEVER, I work on the photo team for a gardening company and they are asking if I'd like a (FREE) install of some raised beds for a photo shoot, and then I'd get to keep them. WHAT?! I obviously said yes, but now I am wondering, what do I grow in them that makes the most sense? My first thought was something that tends to spread that I don't want to spread, but I can't think of that much that falls into this category...mostly because I don't think I'd mind anything spreading! Maybe ground nut or jerusalem artichokes??? My next thought was potatoes, bc I'll already have the super deep soil that I can pull out and then put back in as they grow. I'd like to know - what would you do with this windfall if you were in my situation and didn't "need" the growing space? Is there anything that does better in a raised bed than in the ground? Thanks for your input!
8 months ago
I forgot one! this I am very confused about. It came up in an area I did an annual polyculture experiment in. At first I thought it must be some of the mustard seed mix I planted, then I thought it was the giant italian parsley, but then I saw it in my dad's garden and he didn't plant any of that. It smells divine and I nibbled on it, but was wondering if any of you knew what it was?
6 years ago
Thanks everyone. I think 4 might be pigweed too. Looks pretty similar to this photo.

link to photo

I crushed 7 and 5 and I didn't think they particularly smelled of garlic...hmmm.

So no takers on 6? That one is really interesting looking. Will keep researching!

I did some googling—apparently creeping charlie is edible when young but doesn't taste great. It also has some medicinal uses, so it's not terrible

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6 years ago
Hello! I am a new gardener/permaculturist, and I have several "weeds" growing in my garden and where I've disturbed soil for earthworks, and I'd love to find out what they are. I've already ID'd three of them (purslane, lambs quarters and plantain) and had a delicious salad of the three last night!

I've attached numbered pics, and I'm in northern Vermont, btw.

1. I thought 1 was violets, and then I thought it was not sure

2 and 3 are the same and I have no idea what they are and they are everywhere.

4. The stem looks like purslane, but leaves are different...

5. No idea

6. Sorry for the bad pic. This one has a vertically striped red/yellow stem, yellow flowers, and sort of smoothly large serrated leaves.

7. No idea

Thanks everyone!
6 years ago
I will add my location, just haven't gotten around to beefing up my profile here. You're in Vermont too CJ? Where at?

About eating those mushrooms with alcohol, can they be consumed at a meal where you don't have booze, but then you'll still be fine if you drink later in the day? Or is it like, if you drink at all, don't eat these?
6 years ago