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since Oct 25, 2013
USDA 5b - Central IL
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I was able to buy via paypal the ebook...which compliments my actual playing cards
3 years ago
I saw a video demo of this Aarmourtherm Foam tonight at my in-laws on the "Caught On Camera" show. Guy makes an edible super insulating foam. He scoops some up and then takes a cutting torch to the goop in his hand. Then after cooking the foam he eats a tablespoon of the stuff.

I am just wondering if the RMH guru's have heard of it?

I was also thinking about the shipable cores and how this stuff might make this a more weight efficient reality.

4 years ago
Hey everyone there is a small family farm that is asking for people to sign their petition to block Chem Ag from rezoning property next to theirs. You can Read about it here:


Earlier this year they had Zach Weiss build a natural swimming pool and last year they had Mark Shepard set them up and they were partnered with webpage as a research site.

You can see some of what they have done on their facebook page: webpage

4 years ago
I am guessing that the server is facing capacity issues again, I got this message when I clicked on the scubbly link:

I cannot connect to the database because:

This wouldn't be an issue if every home was wired with Fiber Optic Internet, downloads would be done in seconds, but since we live in country that is run by corporations we get stuck with paying for "upgrades" that were supposed to have happened a decade or more ago and we are continually lied to. Cable Companies could have converted their HFC systems to all Fiber by now.

Rant over.

I will wait a few days and see if its better then.
I got the first chapter the day it came out. Looking forward to reading it and the rest of the chapters as they come out.

5 years ago
I think if I had used the link posted here on pemies it would have automatically counted but since I didn't it probably put me under the kickstarter category.

My apologies to you and paul on that. I will toe the line next time and use the link on permies
Count my contribution under the permies group. I found out about this project via the daily-ish email...the AWESOME power of the daily-ish email muh ah ah ah...sorry paul couldn't help myself.

This one was a no brainer once I saw the goal, the time line, and what was left to do. This came at a most fortuitous time really, my wife just started homeschooling our son (7). I am going to try and work this in some how.
5 years ago
Thanks for the podcast update really enjoy listening to you guys talk about all the happenings there.

About the tool burn rate, if there are items that Paul is in need of post the list of tools/items (Tape measure, gloves) and the requirements (brand, dimensions) and people might send him packages of stuff. I know around where I live garage sales & auctions have tons of tools at discount prices. I might come across a box of tape measures for $2 and all of them be in good working order then I could put them in a "If it fits it ships" USPS box and Paul would have a nice surprise at the Post Office.

This might be something that could be sent in the dailyish email.


We are in need of:

10 Stanely 25 ft Tape Measures
20 Large Leather Gloves XYZ Brand
5 Hand saws
100 #3 DeWalt Square Tips
This resource plus the Permaculture Orchard video will be great for Midwest people like me!!
5 years ago