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Recent posts by Siloe Oliveira

Maybe I'm being too frugal. I'm sharing a video I made with a recipe for paprika-turmeric flavored tomato sauce that I make with less than perfect (bug bites, cracks etc) tomatoes. Do you have any recipe to share to use non-table worthy tomatoes?

I call the sauce tomato saver sauce. Here it is video:
4 years ago
Thank you everyone for participating in the discussion. This has been very enlightening. It seems we have a split group with perhaps a bit more cold composters. This is definitely a topic I need to get more in depth with. Thanks to Druce Batstone for the link you provided. It is something I need to read, and your suggestion of expanding the video to include R&D and commercial composting is really good. I should do future episodes expanding this topic further. (This video was certainly barely an introduction)
4 years ago
Most of the compost I make ends up not heating up very much (partially from not having enough material around to provide the right balance). I would like to know if you usually get fast hot compost or slower cold compost, and how it performs in your garden. I made a video about what I've learned about composting over the years and I would like to get more insight into fellow gardener's personal experiences. Here's the video:
4 years ago

Landon Sunrich wrote:Reason number 7 I like mulch - it provides extensive habitat for free chicken food.

Also - props to whoever made this video.

Thanks Landon, that was me. It is part of a web series I am making about gardening and sustainability. Whoever complains about slugs in mulch needs to get some chickens or ducks.
5 years ago
I've created the following video to discuss the advantages of mulching. I personally love to use it, Although I sometimes find it hard to find enough of it where I live. Some people think it is too much work. What are your thoughts on this?

5 years ago
I've made a video that discusses how far to plant things. I think it is a topic that especially new gardeners have trouble with. here is the video:

What are your thoughts on this subject
5 years ago

Jackson Casey wrote:Hey man I love watching your videos, you are clearly a really talented artist and video producer.

In regards to the next video on fertilizers... I wanted to say, one thing you can do is turn the shady areas on your property into compost production. Living close to Bmore must mean you are surrounded by restaurants and supermarkets, they can provide all the free organic matter you need (in the form of kitchen scraps and spoiled produce.). Its true that some places won't do it but if you plead your case, the right chef or manager would do it. Anywhere near an urban area can provide a lot of waste food, it just needs to be amalgamated

Thanks Jackson, I am glad you liked watching the videos.

That is a great idea. getting food waste for compost. I have seen some urban gardens that do just that. It can really help relieve the load on landfills and makes a lot of sense. It might take a bit of time and planning to get all the organic material, which makes it a less than optimal solution for me.

Thanks for the tip, and thanks for watching and subscribing.
5 years ago

marc dostie wrote:Loved the videos, subscribed. We're starting our research on much of this stuff at the same time, looking forward to seeing more. Good luck!

Thanks Marc! I will be posting more videos in the future!
5 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Siloe, the reason I ask is that you may not have to use fertilizer. Especially chemicals!

definitely no chemicals. In fact I will be talking exactly about that in the next video.
5 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Howdy Siloe, welcome to permies!
Nice job on the video production, especially your graphics!
Some of the information you presented is spot on while some has been debated here at permies. Please take some time to read through some of the other threads and Paul Wheaton articles at
Did you say that you will be fertilizing in you next episode?
Have you done soil testing?

Thanks Miles!

This forum is definitely a great resource and I will be reading it more in depth. I am experimenting and, certainly, I know some things I do will be mistakes. In the next episode I am making I will talk about fertilizing the bed, that is correct. Unfortunately I haven't tested the soil, and that would be a great idea to show things in a more scientific way. I will try to incorporate that idea next season. Thank you very much for the feedback. As soon as I finish the next episode in the coming weeks, I will post.
5 years ago