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Chinese elm.
Smells like sewer doesn't it?
Whitish Grey sap bleed out where it has been wounded in the past.
Very high water content.
Hit it with a splitting mall and you will see what a wooden trampoline would feel like, as it has a twisted grain and is hard to split.
Notice the v check mark in the center of the wood water will actually pump from this when cut from above (all the way until the stump).
Sewer smell on hands when handling it.
If you notice there is one growing in the neighbors yard in your picture.
This species is poor fire wood until very dry as the high moisture content is slow in drying out. Would be good if left to dry until next year though.
6 years ago
Good luck on your move to the land.
I did the same thing when younger.
It turned out well, no rent, no commute to site to build anything.
I would not change the mobile home in any way as it will make it harder to move out later, I know the work plus funds would be better used in other areas of improvement in your land.
Up side for me was the mobile home was sold for 700 less than what was paid for it after 3 years use.
Many blessings on your upcoming birth.
6 years ago
This forum is a great resource, my confidence level is growing by leap and bounds.
Thanks to all that responded to my question, you have been a big help.
My decision is to continue with the project as suggested in the first response, only difference will be that now that I've had a while to stew on the planning process , the expectations of volume has now tripled.
Happy harvests
6 years ago
Not fond of chemicals , bugs as food would be more appealing.
6 years ago
Thanks for the reply josef.
There are a lot of things you mentioned that are already in place, sure excites me to feel like I'm on the right track.
The term trap crops is something new. Could someone give some examples of this. Turnips were planted around the east edge of my garden system to fill the bellies of the bugs before they got to other plants, is this what the term means or something else.
6 years ago
Lol keith, I realized after looking it up how stupid I looked.
I have a lot of fun laughing at myself sometimes,thought I'd leave the post to tickle the funny bone of others.hope the smile lasted a while.
6 years ago
I feel of only fair to add that I have nothing but the deepest respect for the person that advised me of this. I'm also sure that there was some hands on info that resulted in this opinion.
Just wanted more opinions on the matter before investing the labor.
Peace Brian
6 years ago
Thanks for the input so far.
The wasp info struck home for me as the first outhouse that was built is 30 yards from the test has a huge wasp population in it during the summer.
When I first moved here the first thing that was done was to mow the weeds and thorn bushes to make room for more grass.
This proved to be and stupid move on my part, as later the knowledge of wild edibles and medicinal uses of plants came to be an interest.
I made a vow to myself to never destroy something that was not understood.
Seems the wasp population is a great result of that concept.
Did give up the use of the outhouse though.grin
6 years ago
I'm not sure of the reasoning.
The test bed has pokeweed, chickweed, and lamb quarter dancing with glee all over it in season.
6 years ago
They claimed that cut worms in the third year were a big issue.
6 years ago