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Sandy Powell

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since Nov 15, 2013
Velarde, NM
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Congratulations to you, Joseph!  I'm one of those idiots that ran 100-mile races - usually the back of the pack - but that is where the fun is!  Love stopping to talk with folks, aid station helpers, explore new trails, test my limits, learn more about myself each time.  Sometimes the joy does leave, but it always returns, especially when you finish, it returns in multitudes!  I started off as you did and just gradually went farther and farther.  I'm slowing and going shorter distances now that I am almost sixty, but still love the thrill of going places few others have seen, heard, or smelled.  And I bet your barefoot running has made your balance much better than anyone else your age.  It's great feeling the stones and roots massaging your feet - like free reflexology therapy! Enjoy!!
1 year ago
I know northern Texas has had it for about 10 years. Here is a youtube I found from CSU: and another source from NMSU: Mite only affects bindweed and other morning glory species. I've had the mite for about 6 weeks and the bindweed is just starting to look as if it is being affected.
3 years ago
There is a bindweed mite that weakens bindweed, but does not kill it. I obtained some from my local county extension. You harvest infected bindweed, wrap it into the bindweed in the problem area and let it go. About 6 weeks later cut that area of bindweed to scatter it to new areas. The mites are very small and travel only about 1/2" per month. The infected bindweed is anemic and easy to pull. May take a couple years, but much less work involved! Best done in June around here.
3 years ago
May not help this year, but I would plant flowering trees - fruit trees, catalpa, linden, basswood. Currently my little orchard is abuzz! That is also a good place to set up a box or two to catch swarms.
5 years ago