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Here is a link to a podcast I heard recently discussing use and misuse of the word Namaste, as well as the nuance of its pronunciation. Disclaimer: it is somewhat parade-rainy and the language is in full color.

Here is a link to a text transcript of the same episode for those who don’t want the hear the audio, though I encourage you to at least listen to the first bit to hear the pronunciation.

Long story short, the real meaning and correct use of namaste are more mundane than reflections of the divine.
1 year ago
If you find a picture you think would work well but has text already, try the website TinEye . It is a reverse image search where you can upload or paste the URL of an image you have, and it searches for matching images that are the same or very close. It will often turn up differently sized versions of the same picture (good if the one you have is too small) as well as raw images without caption text.
I got excited and posted right away to the main thread, sorry for the breach of etiquette. I'll make sure that any more PerMemes I come up with go here first.