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Diverse and comprehensive background gained through 20 years in the green industry.
Green Industry experience includes wholesale and retail Nursery and Garden Center operations, Market Farming, Ecological Landscape Design and Consultation, Landscape Design and Installation, Grounds Maintenance, Transmission and Distribution Consulting Utility Forestry, Geographic Information System (GIS) based Utility Vegetation Management, Urban Forest Inventories, Wildfire Mitigation Grant Compliance Inspections and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Storm Debris Monitoring program operations.  Permaculture Design Certification #9861. North Carolina Certified Plant Professional.
Additional experience in organic farming, outdoor recreation, physical fitness, health and wellness.
Medina, OH
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I've spent tens of thousands of dollars into the homestead here with the family.  I'm in debt...but clawing to get out and should be clear within 12-18 months and in a much better position to continue moving forward with the homestead / small farm dreams.  I got WAY overzealous at first and considered it wise to spend beyond my means - but all it got me was instant gratification, long-term regret and getting into *many* things WAY over my head.  Burnout and incurring debt has gotten me thinking about things in a much more productive, and healthy way.  
2 weeks ago
The reason no one farms like Mark is like the old story about the guy who kept cutting the end off the roast each year for Christmas.  His wife finally asked him one year why he did he asked his mother.  His mother didn't have an answer.  So she asked *her* mother...and she mentioned that she cooked a roast like that because she had a very small stove, and that was the only way they could get the roast to fit in the oven.  There was no need for his mother, or him to cut the ends off all the roasts all these years...however - it was the way they both learned how to cook a roast.

Most farmers don't know any different, for this is the way they learned and the way they've always done it.  Working on a farm full-time, I can personally vouch for how challenging it is to incorporate change...especially with operations - even if the change can result in sustained profitability and a regenerative system.  This isn't the norm.  Moreover, it's a bit more challenging to get funding utilizing alternative methods of farming...but it can be done.  Changing operations on this scale requires...well, change.  Most simply aren't willing to walk down that road.  The familiar is "safe."
2 weeks ago

Gordon Shephard wrote:Cost per mile...anyone else considered this metric?

Bogs boots.  In my opinion, far more comfortable than other makes.  Designed by a dairyman.  I'm not one, but work in fields in the mud and often wear mine for +10 hour days and many miles.  I try not to, because my feet sweat terribly in a rubber boot, but these are without a doubt the most comfortable rubber / neoprene boot I've owned - especially for extended use.  The lifetime guarantee on them is well worth it.  Customer service is unparalleled with the replacements.  
1 month ago

elle sagenev wrote:Hey all,

We are currently teaching a Dave Ramsey class which has my mind on this topic. Plus my husband wants to quit his job because he hates it. We have no consumer debt. We DO have a mortgage which is on a 15 year mortgage and will be paid off early. How early kind of depends on our dedication at this point.

I think living debt free is the solution to most problems. I enjoy the extra money having no payments has given us.

Just wondering who else out there is doing it and such. Seems like a real permie thing, no debt.

I love stumbling across this topic.  I decided to search for "Dave Ramsey" here in the forums and this was the first thread I came across.  I've been a fan of Dave Ramsey's program for 10 years now.  I attained debt freedom once, just before some medical expenses and the same old stupid thinking got me back into it again.  After attending FPU personally a couple years ago, I've jumped back on the debt wagon again with gazelle intensity and am putting everything I can into getting out of debt...again - and planning on how to *stay* out for the rest of my life.  I believe this is a *very* solid permaculture principle and often overlooked within our life planning.  Look forward to reading all the replies here on this thread.
1 month ago

Timothy Markus wrote:

Rob Kaiser wrote:

Mary Lamond wrote:thanks for your message! I realized through this process that a community environment is what I'm longing for the most, and I guess it's just a matter of finding the right fit.. The place I'm going to is called the Stone Garden Farm in Richfield Ohio, and I'm going to visit for two weeks to see how it goes. Of course all of this is a bit complicated since I'm Canadian!  But your community and vision sounds so fun and exciting too!

Our little homestead is about 15-20 minutes from Stone Garden Farm!  Would love to hear about your experiences there!  Feel free to PM me if interested in sharing.  

I think I met Rob at Darby Simpson's farm 4 years ago.  Great guy.

Wow!  Small world, Timothy!  How goes it?
1 month ago
I'll throw my hat in the ring here, I first learned of the permies forums shortly after I discovered permaculture in 2012.  I found myself soon chatting with the likes of Diego Footer and a number of other people here and ultimately ended up staying in a house with Paul and about 20 others at PV1.  The rest is history and I'm not really sure what happened to the next 5 years.  Burnout will do that to you...luckily the past few have been a little easier and now, I'm making time to continue being involved here with the forum that got me started.  It's been a wild ride and I'm looking forward to sharing adventures sooner than later.  Baby steps!
1 month ago

Dan alan wrote:I completely agree!  I have NEVER regretted spending the money on an electric saw!

I will say this a close second is a cordless sawzall with a tree cutting blade:

You have to get a good tool of course.

Thanks for that pic of the pruning blade.  

For those interested, here's a link to it:,42706,40721

I plan on buying one myself.
1 month ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:You know you're a permie when... find yourself wondering if you're *actually* a permie.
1 month ago