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Recent posts by Rob Kaiser

Welcome, everyone!  It's great to see such fine names here in the forums.  Looking forward to checking everything out!
3 weeks ago
I've found Tobias Olynek and Larry Krohn to be excellent dog handlers.

Tobias has an online course and Larry has authored a great book on e-collars.

Both are excellent and well respected in their work.

My dog is part Chow and both have helped.

Good luck!
1 month ago
Yep - for now, I'm more interested in it's application for the homestead.

We'll see if/how it might translate to larger / broadscale applications.

I have ideas for that already.  

Current project involves management of 250k pieces over +100 acres at the day job.
1 month ago
Fantastic - there's lots of good stuff going on here in the ol' home state!
1 month ago
I'd be interested in dabbling.  

I just jumped on the discord.

Have experience with inventory management for a very large wholesale tree farm and nursery.

Also could put this to use on our 20 acre homestead, which is still in its infancy.

1 month ago
I won't be able to make it - but hope you get a good turnout!

1 month ago
I first heard the word "permaculture" on The Survival Podcast in July 2011.

I wrote it down to follow up on later... 2012 rolled around, I was already deep into it.

2013 came and I got involved in the network...

...and in early 2014 I met many fine people at PV1

Ten years Permaculture has been on my radar!  Wow!
1 month ago

Jamie Kennedy wrote:My stomach turns at the thought of sex without emotional connection, trust, and at least a little commitment.  But I can understand why some people prefer that.  Personally (I could be wrong), I think people that have that mindset may be damaged, and should probably get therapy, or find a spiritual practice to help them.  But that’s just like, my opinion, man.

What's interesting is that this is a presumption that many people make about those engaging in polyamorous relationships.  It's not like a giant swingers club with wild raging orgies all the time.  Besides my girlfriend (who is married), I don't have time to date very often.  

Homesteading is a busy life, and in my case, one that consists of going over to my girlfriends house to help throw hay bales with her husband when she turns an ankle. It also looks like him coming over regularly to help me work on the construction of the commercial kitchen we are building.

Our parents and many of our friends don't understand it, nor do they have the desire to.  A lack of desire to engage in dialogue about it often leads to quick judgement being passed and a lot of unnecessary drama being created about a situation made up in their own minds.

Now, I'm not implying or suggesting that is what you are doing, but I notice some patterns in your written word above and wanted to share my own thoughts.  Regarding therapy, I have routinely worked with counselors in the past, am currently working with a financial and health coach, and am an active member of my church.  I respect your opinions, man...and I hope my feedback on them is respected in turn.
1 month ago

Ellendra Nauriel wrote:From what I've read, mulberry grows incredibly well from cuttings. If you're not able to dig enough out, another option would be to take as many branches and live twigs as you can get from it, and plant those as cuttings.

Try both?
1 month ago

John F Dean wrote:I broke down and hired someone for 4 hours at $25 an hour.  Yes, I made a point of hiring the right person...For $100.00 he eliminated 3 pain in the backside jobs that I had long been getting around to do.

Yes, once I get better organized, I plan to use him for another 4 hours.

I hired someone this spring to help finish up with joint compound and painting the ceiling.

One of the best decisions of my life!

1 month ago