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Diverse and comprehensive background gained through 20 years in the green industry.
Green Industry experience includes wholesale and retail Nursery and Garden Center operations, Market Farming, Ecological Landscape Design and Consultation, Landscape Design and Installation, Grounds Maintenance, Transmission and Distribution Consulting Utility Forestry, Geographic Information System (GIS) based Utility Vegetation Management, Urban Forest Inventories, Wildfire Mitigation Grant Compliance Inspections and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Storm Debris Monitoring program operations.  Permaculture Design Certification #9861. North Carolina Certified Plant Professional.
Additional experience in organic farming, outdoor recreation, physical fitness, health and wellness.
Medina, OH
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This is a very good and informative post.  Always something to learn.  Thanks for sharing!
2 weeks ago
BOGS brand boots.  Lifetime guarantee.  No questions asked.  Neoprene tear on a used pair that was given to me as a gift?  No problem.  They shipped me a pair of boots no questions asked within a week.  I won't be wearing any other boots than BOGS - and they fit my foot better than MUCK brand.  Check 'em out!
1 year ago

Olivier Asselin wrote:Hi all,

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund our latest film, Gracie's Backyard.

Stoked to be supporting another project Oliver!

These projects help provide fuel to my fire which has slowed over the past year...but still burns strong.

More of a controlled burn now...many thanks!  

Keep up the great work.

paul wheaton wrote:The best part is at 0:36

I love it.

I wondered if it had something to do with those words (not revealing said words)...

...not sure how I missed this when I initially watched the DVD after PV1 (or was it PV2 when we got them?)

Either way - it's awesome.

paul wheaton wrote:the full movie

Nice!  Love that the full movie was shared!  

Chris Meador wrote:Very cool. I actually did my PDC project on my parents land as well, they have 80 acres in the back county of San Diego County. I am turning the land into a permaculture education and demonstration site. Currently building a cob cabin, food forest, etc and doing lots of soil building on the property. Also setting up tons of rainwater harvesting systems, passive and active.

I asked about Cleveland because one of my best friends lives there and he went to school for permaculture but doesn't really do anything with it now. He wishes he did but is too lazy to get back into it. Sad

Right on, Chris!  I lived in San Marcos for a while...and moved right before I got turned on to permaculture.  We plan on doing much of the same in terms of education and demonstration sites.  Is your friend named Jason by any chance?  
2 years ago

Rob Kaiser wrote:

Travis Johnson wrote:Well at first I could not find anything that fit my way of farming, so I made one up myself. It is something I call Fiscal Flock (because I am a sheep farmer) and works pretty well.

Can you elaborate?

ah...I need to read the thread.  

2 years ago

Travis Johnson wrote:Well at first I could not find anything that fit my way of farming, so I made one up myself. It is something I call Fiscal Flock (because I am a sheep farmer) and works pretty well.

Can you elaborate?
2 years ago

Travis Johnson wrote:Well as we prepare to ring in the new year tonight, I thought I would show some interesting data regarding my family finances. I want to show this because I think it displays to others the importance of keeping good records and how knowing where your money is spent can shape how to better serve your family in the future...

Wow!  This is amazing Travis!  

While our situations are certainly different, I applaud the work you did on your personal accounting!

I'm trying to improve my own bookkeeping and determine statistics like this for myself.

Do you use any financial management software or programs?

2 years ago

Rob Kaiser wrote:

Chris Meador wrote:Such an amazing story! Are you doing anything now on that 20 ac land? Is it near Cleveland?

Thanks Chris!  It's my parents land, actually.  For a while I was leasing land from them with hopes of starting a business, but that wasn't as successful as I'd hoped it would be and I wasn't able to devote as much time into it as I would have liked as well (currently working full time at a wholesale tree farm and nursery).  So business is on hold, and I'm continuing to work with my family to develop the land.  Part of my PDC was developing a comprehensive farm plan for the land which we are slowly implementing as time goes on.

And yes...Medina County is about 45-60 minutes South / Southwest of Cleveland.  
2 years ago