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Hildegard Bogart

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since Dec 15, 2013
Happy, single, artistic Crone who LOVES playing in the dirt. Seeking FRIENDSHIPS with like minded, life loving individuals. Also seeking PDC via scholarship/internship/work study. 
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I appreciate your post. Very interesting ideas that are worth considering. I like the idea of stepping up in regards to education.
I'm simply thinking out loud for a moment, to make sure I understand. From the perspective of WOOFER.

What I get:
Housing and food for six months.
Rent: $1,800
Food $1,200
Valuable knowledge with no certification. College level education equips me with accredited knowledge. I'm not saying that either holds more lessons. However, the latter gives me a better opportunity to show my credentials and secure gainful employment or convince partners to invest with me on a working farm.

What I give:
720 hours of labor. Estimated value, even at minimum wage , $5,148.
$2,400.00 for room and board.
(What you get) or My total cost...$7,548

(What you give) or Your total cost...
Shared housing $1,800
Food for one : $1,200
$750 for workman's comp insurance.
Total: $3,750

$3798 difference in the Farmer's favor.
In my thinking, I am able to get a PDC for less than $3,798. Also, I can take a ten day intensive over the course of five weekends and keep working my $12/hour job with full benefits.
We all have choices. It is not my intention to challenge your offer. It is my intention to offer you another perspective, as that is what I believe you are searching for. All comments are appreciated. I believe you are on to a topic that deserves exploration. Your point about signing up to weed carrots is completely on point.
5 years ago
FYI... Steve just gave me this info: this class will meet on Saturdays only, with the exception of the first Thursday (2/6). Contact Steve for more info.
5 years ago
Whoa! Senior moment... 1892...not 1992.
I just reread the post, Wayne.
5 years ago
Haha. Very clever, John
5 years ago
Craig...very true. The "time" money bank is not a good deal since tomorrow is promised to no one.
I do love Jennifer Wadsworth's post on sweat equity and community group efforts. Excellent because all the people are in one area and the projections are short term.
It would be nice if we didn't have to keep tabs and count hours, but we, as humans may not be there just yet. For today, I would love to be part of such a group.
5 years ago
Carl Menger has a good point from a 1992 perspective . In 92, I would have agreed wholeheartedly . The statistical argument that says timing is everything .
In 2014, my views have changed. I know my kids fever won't coincide with my holistic healer's need for a new satchel. That's where the idea of time really needs a shift. That shift is the result of trust. She knows my kid needs help. Her authentic purpose on the planet is helping others. She knows this. She does this not because she has to or because her folks made her...she was born to do this. With a raised consciousness , we operate in the world differently . She knows its August and she knows I make awesome Afghans . She trusts that the services given will revisit. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to get feedback on this topic because I think I found the answer. When the mindset changes, 100% bartering will be possible. The mindset will change not because humans like or want change. Some outer experience will need to happen in order for humans to be willing to shift their perception . Perhaps I am forward thinking, wanting to prepare for a time when /if a resource like electricity is not available either temporarily or permenently and the hospital doors won't open and the nurses have no idea how to take your blood pressure without a gadget... and all your medical information is locked up in some sky drive. What then? I approach my holistichealer who doesn't work with gadgets, and she fixes my kid. I go home and begin spinning wool and the whole system works because it HAS to.
5 years ago
Semantics. I love it, Matu. Thank you for your post.
My "business" would be comprised of all of the skills and talents that I would choose to offer.And maybe even some I hadn't envisioned. I may gift ( I really do love that word now) someone my time, reading to a vision impaired person. I would not think to list: House keeping
Cooking/meal planning
Reading to some who is vision impaired...? Sure
Parrot sitting...okay, I can give that a try.
Digging a huglekulture bed...sorry, pal.
I believe if we each could totally grasp our many talents, we would be amazed. We might help more often and feel free enough to ask more often.
Taking money out of the equation makes the interaction more authentic .
Keep sending the ideas. This feedback is wonderful.
5 years ago
Thank you for this post, pics and vid! What a great group . Very inspiring .
5 years ago
About the Doctor example...would the doctor need shoes, furniture, dishes..
AKA cobbler, carpenter, potter?
5 years ago