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Ty Greene wrote:Try visiting your local extension office...every county in my state has one and they have a good amount of info. for those who seek knowledge in all things agriculture.

It's not all organic based but good information to have handy.

Thanks for this.  I found the Oklahoma State University Extension web page, with a lot of info on it:
1 month ago
I was wondering if anyone know of a good printable table or a spreadsheet file which lists all the vegetables and herbs, their watering requirements, light requirements, season, etc.   All the data possible all in one place so I can glance at it when needed.  Trying to grow several things this fall.
2 months ago

Skandi Rogers wrote:I'm not sure the leaves are actually poisonous anyway, in the New Forest in England the commoners cut holly trees in the winter so the horses can eat the top leaves (which are not prickly). I will say though that they take an age to rot, it might be a good idea to put them through the lawnmower first.

Yeah I'll lawnmower over the leaves and small twigs.  Mower good to go over say 1/4" diameter twigs?  It's a standard residential mower.  I do know the berries are poisoinous and the twigs are LOADED with them right now.  Green.
2 months ago
We have a huge holly bush that is grown almost into a tree size.  We want to trim back most of it.  It has the sharp pointy leaves and loaded with green berries (so this is how I identified it was Holly).  Is it ok to trim off the small twigs, leaves and berries and throw them in compost pile?   Reason I ask is I know the berries are poisonous.
2 months ago
Hello, my name is Jennifer and this is my first post here on I love a lot of the aspects of a permie life but I'm disabled and ended up purchasing a modest home. I would of loved to have a cob home but it just isn't practical where I live.

One thing I'd like to do is to get about 20 x 250w solar panels on my roof grid tied to my electricity provider, to help offset almost 100% of the electricity consumed by everything in my household, except for the air conditioner. I consume 21 kwh a day on average (excluding the A/C) so I need about 20 x 250w panels I've gathered.

The reason I am posting here is that I have seen the prices of panels drop dramatically, even down to 50 cents per watt if you order like 20 panels all at the same time. This means I can buy all 20 panels for around $2500. I don't know how much it costs for the device to grid tie the panels but the panels would pay for themselves in electrical savings after about 4 years.

There is such a HUGE selection of panels from China I have no clue which company to trust or which panel technology to purchase.

I was hoping one ore more of you all had experience with these cheap affordable panels and could recommend a certain brand and/or company, to buy a lot of 20 from. And perhaps direct me to what I'd need to tie these to my grid.


5 years ago