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Cassie Langstraat wrote:

K Putnam wrote:I like the sentiment of the OP.

I dye my hair as a form of self-expression, not to meet someone else's standard of beauty. And I have tattoos. I am not pouring RoundUp in the soup.

And I am pretty damn tired of men judging a woman's personality by her appearance.

Moving on.

I use a lovely honey-oat face wash and finish with apricot kernel oil or natural-oil sunscreen in the summer. For an important event, I put on some mineral makeup and a touch of mascara. No apologies.

THIS. All of it. <3

I am actually quite surprised to see so much attention on this topic, and I've enjoyed reading everyone's perspectives.

I am of the camp that does not make assumptions about women based on how many layers of foundation are on their face. Though, I also do not automatically assume someone is healthy or unhealthy based on their weight or any factor really. I just truly have known WAY too many exceptions to the generalizations and stereotypes to ever allow myself to do that.

People are more eclectic and unique than we can ever understand. I don't know why we constantly try to put people in boxes.

"OMG LIPSTICK?! She's definitely a chemical-infused superficial biatch."
"Oh, look, we can see that one's freckles! She's must be a wholesome, wise earth goddess."
"Oh, well that one only has light mascara, so she's probably somewhere in the middle, maybe acceptable, but only if she composts."

Do you hear how absurd that sounds?

The fucked up thing is that we have you guys (not all of you, I realize) telling us that if we do wear make-up we are superficial, poison-lovers who just have no respect for our bodies or health, AND simultaneously we have the other half of the world telling us that if we don't wear it, we are unprofessional, unkempt, and that we just don't care about ourselves enough to show some effort.

It. Is. Exhausting.

I am so proud of all the people in the world and this thread who have taken enough time to truly think about what they, themselves want to do, rather than let other people dictate that. I, too wear makeup every once in a while because it is fun and playful, and I do that for myself. But all I'm saying is that it's hard, and we should cut some people some slack that might be mislead by all of the differing messages flying at them, and not judge their entire personality off such small things.

For example. Look at the two pictures below. Those are both of me. I didn't change radically in between the times that I took them. I am still me. They are the same person. Wouldn't you be sad if you missed out on getting to know a spectacular person because you assumed something about them that didn't end up being true at all? Just because they were wearing lipstick?

Very well said Cassie. I am EXHAUSTED trying to figure out what is attractive and what is not. I am 46 years old. I have a clean living lifestyle. (At least, the best that I can in this polluted society) I never wore makeup growing up. My friends tried giving me make-overs and it was fun play, but I never wore it outside- just because I didn't want to. Then I turned 45, still single with no prospects. I have many male friends who think I'm a great gal but men just never showed any interest in me until the day I put on some makeup- and I use earth/animal/human friendly products- and posted some pics on social media.It's not even a lot of makeup- a little brow shaping, light eyeliner, mascara, subtle lipstick and a dusting of powder for the shine. Suddenly I started getting attention and asked out on dates. Some men were, for obvious reasons, not what I was looking for, but others were just good people who noticed me and wanted to get to know me. I don't like wearing makeup and I don't hide that fact from guys I date. I am a strong, self-aware and self-confident woman but I am being completely honest by admitting that I don't want to spend the second half of my life alone. I want a life partner. Have I found him yet? No, but at least now I feel like I may have some options. Bottom line, I wear makeup because I attract men when I do, even the clean-living, permaculture guys that I'm attracted to- the ones who thought what I'm doing with the earth is cool but never really showed me any attention. What's a girl to do?? Those of you men who have condemned me and those like me, you would never know how much I love working with the soil and plants and animals who share our space, or that I have a kind and loving heart and that most of the time, I wear no makeup.
2 years ago