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since Dec 18, 2013
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I've been a walking oil reservoir since I can remember. I'd have to change my bed sheets every other day, wash everything in hot water, which included my clothes. I've fought foot fungus, smell and calluses all my life. Not to mention my stink... UGH!

Not sure why but I've been deodorant free for years. I've started, have never in my life, wearing undershirts which seemed to help. BTW, after some trial and funk, I not wear Nylon undershirts as they work better than poly stuff...

While researching rocket stoves on you tube, I found a seminar that Paul Wheaten was giving... He mentioned going poo'less... Well Duh! was my first thought. How could I not realize what soap and shampoo was doing to me.

I went poo'less cold turkey. I use a washrag to scrub with, head to toe. having SHORT hair, the oily transition lasted a day or two. I have to state though... I love my hot showers and will never be able to do a 1 minutes or even a 5 minute shower... It's one of the few pleasures in life I have.

I feel like we've been mentally conditioned to wash with something... Sadly, yesterday, I grabbed the bar of soap, washed, then proceeded to grab the bottle of shampoo... OMGosh! I was so mad at myself... but I realized it happened because I have a physical habit and it's going to take a while to change it.

I work closely with people all day... No one has yet to complain!

5 years ago