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Olivier Asselin wrote:

When will the Permaculture Orchard streaming be available?

Doug, I've just finished setting up everyone who selected this reward with streaming access to the film.



It is out - I did the $60 streaming option - not seen any notification yet
Similar question
I have a piece of land in South East TX (usda 8B) of just over 10 acres – ave 50in rain year
I am considering 1.5 acres of walnut with compatible species below. With possible bee hives.
Land is very shallow fall from west to east of aprox 5ft over the lot. N/S length aprox 850, E/W length aprox 550
• plant strips of Walnut N/S (giving a sunny side and a very shady side but pretty narrow in summer as sun angle is very high)
• Plant strips E/W (giving one side with morning shade, one with evening shade – larger partial shadow)=
• Swail N/S with Walnut on swail mounds i.e. strips N/S
• Swail N/S with strips of Walnut E/W some trees on the swail mound, some in the inter swail gap

Which orientation is companion plant optimal (assuming roughy 80 spacing between rows and 40ft between walnuts in a row?
5 years ago