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Hi, new and looking for any advice... have been talking with E&E (hope the new procedure is going well, Ernie!)
I am putting a 6" RMH in my sauna building (3/4" plywood floor with cement patch overlay, 16" above grade, reinforced underneath, 12" o.c. floor joists), with the burn unit in the sauna room, and the massive bench extending through the wall into the changing room. The exhaust ducting will route through the 10' bench back into the sauna room and exit the ceiling there.
I won't even mention the 22.5 degree angles I built this building with.
I've watched all the youtube videos, read the RMH bible several times, scoured E&E's suggested video, but have no real hard facts about passing this thing through the wall. I have the feeling that the burn unit will be little more than 18" from the wall to be passed through, so the gases will still be fairly hot when they initially pass through the wall... any wise counsel would be greatly appreciated.

8 years ago
Could sure use some info...
I have a stand-alone sauna that I'm about ready to put a stove in, then heard about rocket stoves/heaters. I was wondering if I could install the wood feeder/heat riser portion in the sauna room to heat it... then extend the ducting/mass bench through a wall into the changing room to heat it.
Will the barrel get hot enough by itself to create a sauna-like experience? (sauna room is 7x8.5x7)
Will the thermal mass bench in the other room make the changing room too warm? (chanring room dimensions are the same)
What special considerations should I make to go through the wall?
Thanks for any thoughts
9 years ago