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Recent posts by Systa Medieval

Nick and Lisa....I LOVE those pictures....That stairway is AMAZING and what a genius idea for a bed and dresser!!!

Too bad the Construction Codes would NEVER allow that stairway. Heck, they'd probably require a railing over the bed platform as well.
7 years ago
I'd like to see fewer building codes! With the onus being placed on the code in they have to prove it won't work instead of
me proving (see: getting an engineer's stamp) that it will work or me getting the law changed.

We live in an area that gets practically no sunlight in the requiring me to have a photovoltaic array at my house
is just another "rule" that's going to cost me money and do nothing to help keep me from freezing.

In our township the zoning codes require the home to be at least 800 square feet. How sad it THAT?!?!?

And, don't even get me started on the hoops you have to jump through to get even a small wind tower'll make you cry.

The point being that whenever you REQUIRE something, you're forcing people to invest their money in one thing, when another invention/idea might be better suited to the situation. And, even IF the code officials agree with you their hands are tied by "The Rules".

7 years ago
Thanks for the thoughts on CO2 filled bottles, Landon, but I'm not so worried about the thermal loss as I am about the mortar cracking and/or pulling away
from the bottles. Also, we're toying with the idea of plugging the ends of the bottles with silicone and a marble - would that work as well as capping or do you
think the CO2 needs to be under pressure?

As far as breaking the thermal bridge, Brian, my friend is wanting to make a bottle wall out of bottle "bricks" (two bottles cut in half and the cylindrical ends/bottoms taped together), but I thought if she used silicone to adhere the two bottle bottoms together that would create a break the thermal bridge between the inside and the
outside. However, I don't really know anything about the thermal properties of silicone, but the kitchen utensils we have sure doesn't seem to conduct any heat/cold

On another note...anyone know the crush strength of your basic wine bottle? I'm thinking I'll have to build a frame for the walls and roof...a friend of mine has a boat
load of old power line wooden poles that she and her husband got in trade for letting the power company use their property to store equipment during a rural
upgrade project. I'd rather not have the poles visible, but would REALLY not rather have the snow load on the roof crush the walls even more.

Here's the link to the picture that started my obsession, hope it inspires more insanity.

7 years ago
Loved all the posts and info, but to clear up a comment from Sandra:

Type N mortar (which is one of the mortars suggested for glass block walls) is 1 part Portland cement, 1 part lime and 6 parts sand.

I've been doing a stupid amount of research on this as I'm in love with the blue bottle studio/outhouse/garden art at Luna Parc

but I live in Michigan so we get some fiercely cold winters and am worried about expansion/contraction causing cracks in the walls.

Apparently hydrated lime is the answer as it adds flexibility to the mortar as well as increased adhesion between the mortar and glass and some water proofing (while still allowing the wall to breathe).

I have even found some recipes that include lime in cob for exactly the same reasons as listed above.

NOTE: all lime is note created have to get "Hydrated" lime....that's what the mason's use...not ag lime.

Would love to hear more about other people experiences with bottle walls.... I'm still in the bottle collecting phase.

7 years ago
Great source of nitrogen. I put it right on the compost pile. In the summer growing season, I dilute it by 3/4 with water and give the shrubs and flowers a boost.

I have heard that you might not want to put urine on your compost pile or produce if it comes from someone taking medications (which ones I don't have the foggiest--that's above my pay grade )
7 years ago