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wayne fajkus wrote:Looks like we are ready for new challenge. Dr jeckyl may have used this. What is it?

Vacuum coffee maker.
1 week ago

wayne fajkus wrote:This will be too easy for some. A must have for any homesteader.  Its part of a few pieces.

Steam juicer.
2 weeks ago

Tatiana Trunilina wrote:Thanks so much y'all!

JD, I didn't find anyone willing to dump their wood chips on our property for free, we live quite a ways out in the sticks. But we are planning to cover a significant portion of our land with mulch that we will buy. But will cover crops grow in mulch?

Some legumes might grow in mulch such as beans, peas, cow peas, and pigeon peas, other cover plants will not do too well, However you may plant by removing the mulch in furrows, plant your seeds and then re-cover it with the mulch. The mulch helps diminish soil temperature, and maintain moisture in the soil, which in turn makes the microbial and fungal activity possible, eventually breaking down into rich compost-like material.  Go slow and observe, tweak as needed.

I am not sure on how low  the temperature gets in your area but Moringa might be a quick biomass producer so by doing chop and drop.  Another fast growing candidate could be the black locust tree that is also are able to fix nitrogen in the soil.

2 weeks ago
I spy what looks like a spearfishing tip (center left) No clue about the handle looking thing.

3 weeks ago
You might want to consider a marine bilge pump. Not sure about your power sources but with a 12 volt pump you can use your car. Secure the pump inside a 5 gallon bucket that has been drilled with 1/8 or 1/4 holes all over so it keeps debris from clogging the pump. Tie a rope to the pump and bucket and lower them to the river.
3 weeks ago
They look like tent caterpillars. They will denude your fruit tree. Spray them with baby oil or light vegetable oil. That will get rid of them.
3 weeks ago
Perhaps start small and do your observations.  Fence in two areas (to keep it affordable), in one, add your cover crops and the second one leave alone as your control area. Time it so the cover crops have a chance to grow,  again observe when is temperature and moisture  levels appropriate  for growth.  

If at all possible try to get free mulch or shredded vegetable matter to cover the soil, both in and outside the fenced in areas so that you start healing the land at an sustainable pace.

much success,
3 weeks ago

Jay Grace wrote:JD. if you get a chance to add an additional tree or two. Cornus Mas would be a good choice as a fruiting landscaping tree.  

It’s a dogwood.

I like cornus kousa also.   Buuuut it can have a messy fruit drop.

Hi, yes the Kousa dogwood is  kind of messy, and I did not like the taste.  I have never tasted a cornelian cherry so I will seek a seedling or two.  I have plans to start another food forest in another area here in Va. so I am looking forward to to it.
Thanks for your insight.

4 weeks ago

Helen Butt wrote:Yes, the website is working. Can you add pages to it (ie what is its functionality)?

Lovely to see the trees’ development. I’m hoping to put in some hazels this winter and hope they will be as productive as yours seem to be.

Thank you! Good to know. I created it thinking it would be easier to post pictures here.  Yes,  pages can be added so perhaps i might be able to dabble and expand the site as the food forest evolves.
4 weeks ago