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Recent posts by j Tasou

hey all,
im new to the forum and happy to find it.
Im looking at some topics for a while now about how to use a rocket stove to heat up water , but i find so many alternatives and im a bit confused. Also i dont know much about thermosiphons and stuff so i also have some very basic questions.
It has to work completely without electricity (maybe i can use 12v pumps if there are any).
Also, i dont care for the stove to heat the room but i would like to be able to cook on the barrel.
I make up a quick sketch to see if i understand everything correctly until now...
The coloured parts are insulated and the hot water outlet and the tank too. The circles are openings to clean the ash with the bold one airtight.

So anything wrong with this in general?

And some questions:

1)Is there a specifice height distance between the tank and the coil? Or can i have for example the tank 4 meters above the stove (and the coil) and the thermosiphon effect still works?

2)All the coloured parts have to be insulated. Do i have a benefit for water heating and cooking if i insulate the top barrel all around, because in most pictures i have seen the barrel is not covered?

3)The pressure pump on the tank is enough so it is completely safe? What if the water boils inside the coil too soon?

4)Any help with the dimensions in general?

5) the two openings are enough to clean the ash? What if i need to clean around the bottom of the barrel?

Thats it for now.
6 years ago