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I am not sure where to find the PDF file. Feeling a bit stupid asking this since many of you have been successful.

Not sure who to contact about this specifically to help me get my apparent mistakes resolved. Of note, I was registered before but registered with a new email for the Kickstarter at $200.
I logged in with my original email and added my new email as a secondary and successfully merged. I only see the payment button and no PDF.
2 years ago
Hello. We have a gopher problem here too. A few weeks ago I built a new hugelkultur bed out of tree trunks and gopher wire. The intent is to let the gophers exist but to protect the new raised bed. So basically the way I built it was to use the 17-21" diameter rounds for a perimeter around 2' high. Took the gopher wire bought from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (100' roll x 4' wide) and knitted 3 lengths 33' long together with wire and made a 'bathtub' lining the interior. Stapled that to each log with a fencing staple. Then filled the bottom of the bed with 12" and smaller logs, and filled the gaps with wood chips up to the level of the bigger logs. Then sprinkled a bag of seabird guano on top of that to help negate the nitrogen depletion that would likely happen. Finally spread dirt on top. Last but not least, the gap between the logs is a small triangular shape.....filled those with rocks to stop them from easily climbing to the top, which I'm not sure they would do, but did it anyway. So we have a 30' x 8' x 20" deep bed that is theoretically gopher proof. We shall see if this works!!!
5 years ago