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Kaliya Fire Horse wrote:Interested in your post.
Currentlyin Northern CA< near Red Bluff. Have 2 acres with older mobile home and need lots of help
getting the  permaculture structure together. Older Senior and son with bad back issues  cant do
the physical stuff needed to get it together.
Have plenty of space for your bus and lots of work to do here.
Other possibilities exsist as we are looking for other property
to be more  self sufficient. Will need  lots of helo continually.
Open to many options.

Hey there Kaliya,
Thank you so much for your reply. We are currently in Klamath County , Oregon . Can we speak to you by phone ? You can reach my wife and I at 562-712-2915. We would love to come and help you out in return for a living space (parking space) but have an important priority to attend to in Portland in September. Though, after that we should be able to come back down and get to work. We would love to here from you directly to figure out details. Thank you again for your reply!
3 years ago
Greetings fellow permies,
My family of my daughter who is 2, my wife and or friend are living out of our 93 school bus.
I'm writing this post to inquire about any property owners that would be interested in letting us park in trade for work and services.
I am a permie myself and love to grow food, medicine, and animals. My wife and our friend are massage therapist and energy healers.
We would love to create a positive experience with you!
I forgot to mention we are currently in California and making our way to Oregon .
3 years ago
Cris ,
Thanks for sharing your pond experiences.
I live in Portland. We get a decent amount of rain. I moved into this house and I want to use rain to fill up a pond.
After reading your experiences I feel more confident. Not really sure why I'm hesitant lol. So I imagine the run off from the roof channeled into a pond which can over flow into another
I think I need to read some Sepp Holtzer literature for creative and technical inspiration. But if you have any more advice or insight (liner vs. no liner) I would be very grateful. Thanks!
3 years ago
right on I appreciate your help. you basically instilled the confidence within me to get a couple chickens, go for it and learn from my errors. there is just one more thing i am caught up on and that is a sufficient pen. I know chickens can scale pretty high fences, but now that I am thinking about it I could scrap a pen and let them free range around the yard with clipped wings. Do chickens tend to stay near food and home, or do they naturally venture off? again many thanks for your advice
5 years ago
I live in los angeles, only 15 minutes from the downtown area. I want to create the best living environment possible, if i do decide on adding chickens to my family. From most of the information I've acquired on this website I have come to an idea of how I want to set up their coop. I was thinking a moveable coop on wheels with just as moveable fencing. Every week or so I could load them in the coop, rearrange the fence in a different part of the yard and release them from the coop. This seemed like a great plan until I educated myself on the predators. I'm a complete newbie at this so I didn't realize almost every other animal in the area will be trying to get at my chickens or their eggs. Then I started thinking about completely enclosed pen. One idea I liked from another person was to take a trampoline frame and put chicken wire all over it. I like this idea a lot because it seems easy to move around the yard. With so many ideas I came to the conclusion that I need some real life experience with chickens on a farm before I take on the venture myself in the back yard.
I would love to hear some beginning urban farmers experiences/ideas/suggestions...
5 years ago
This was an excellent podcast. I am an urban dweller just starting out on my journey. I was on the fence about raising chickens and basically this podcast really helped me decide to wait. I tend to have a "throw it together" mentality, but in this case I don't want to do that in fear of losing chickens to predators. Back to the drawing board!
I love long distance rides. I have yet to camp out at my destination but it's going to happen soon. I recently got a dog and I want to bring her along. I was thinking I could construct a decent sized trailer, for when she eventually does get tired of running. Anyone have good advice, photographs, personal experiences they could share?
Thanks a lot and happy riding
5 years ago