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Can shetland sheep and pygmy goats healthily and happily live together? Also, I only have one 0.55 acre field. How many sustainably (combo composition?) could live there? How many with partial supplementation with feed?
My father-in-law works in an anodized aluminum factory and can make custom parts. Would a anodized aluminum be good in microhydro systems? Any thoughts on disadvantages/advantages to using anodized aluminum vs. plastic or steel turbines? Any suggestions on the design or specs for an anodized aluminum hydro turbine?
4 years ago
I have 3 sights I'm interested in trying to build my own hydro system. I have two different irrigation ditches that have significant drops onto/through our property and a small stream (not much head). Anyone have links to websites or pdfs that have FULL plans or show how to fabricate turbines or full systems? I'd love if enough people could provide a few to look through. I've tried searching online, but I keep ending up on sites where they want me to pay for the pdf.
4 years ago
How many pygmy goats per acre?

I personally have a 1/4 acre that is about 50% grass field and 50% woods. I was going to fence it off, and I was wondering how many would happily romp and feed on the 0.25 acre? I have lots more land I can occasionally walk them to graze on, but that's only a time to time possibility.

Thanks for any info/help!

Landon Sunrich wrote:Oh, it's everywhere. My two old apple trees are covered with it.

Thanks, I'll take a look into.

If you get a chance, please check out my post . You may be able to ID one of them?
4 years ago

I'm wanting to ID these Lichens. I found them in the Columbia River Gorge growing on oak and pine trees in a forested area near the river. (Also nice to know is if you've eaten or tasted them or if you are sure they are poisonous, as I'm planning on trying them.)

Specimens 1, 2, and 3 (2 & 3 may be the same?)

Specimen 1 close up - grew on branches and trunks

Specimen 2 - grew on trunks/bark

Specimen 3 - grew on trunks/bark

4 years ago

Landon Sunrich wrote:I think pretty much all lichens are edible, though not necessarily palatable. Usnea is really common around here. Very mild, slightly... lemony? IDK I use it in teas.

What trees do you most commonly find it on? I live in the Columbia Gorge, so I'm wondering if it is present around here?
4 years ago
Anyone know of any edible mosses or lichens in Oregon/Washington, and also have a link to pictures or description on how to identify them? And if you've tried some, what was your take on the flavor?

4 years ago

I know that trees like Maple and Birch have edible sap ("juice"), but do fruit trees like Apple or Pear have edible sap? Anyone actually had any?
4 years ago

Matu Collins wrote:I use a kiddie pool, a very large bucket, a wheelbarrow tractor attachment and a hose sprayer. Simple plastic tables.

My orchard is small but I suspect the system could be enlarged at minimal expense.

Can you post pictures? I'm not sure I have a vision of what you have made/done.
5 years ago