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Welcome to the thread,
I haven't posted on here in a while, I am still very interested in Craig's dream and being a part of it. Unfortunately it looks like I have to wait till the spring of 2015 before I can make the move up if everything is still a go on Craig and Tom's end up there. In the mean time I am saving up money, and collecting free building materials such as doors and windows to build the cabin with.
So I will spend the time from now till then learning and brushing up on some of the skills that I'm not as knowledgeable in such as canning etc....
5 years ago
Tom, Don't apologize for any delays, There is no major rush on at this time. Thanks for posting the pics, they defiantly do give me a better Idea of the place in a physical sense.
Currently I'm doing a lot of number crunching with my finances, and spending quite a bit of time developing a design and floorplan for a small cabin that fit within the specs stated earlier in this tread.
I am sure I will have more questions soon, but for now I am working on what I need to do to make it happen on my end.
5 years ago
All of what you said makes a lot of sense to me. For example, your example of the harvesting of wood is exactly how I feel. Proper thinning of the forest is good for the health of the wood lot when done properly. and as much as I would like to rid myself from as much dependence on oil companies, and big corporations, some things are more practical especially in establishing a basic infrastructure in the community. Just like your view of ATV's , snowmobiles, and automobile usage that you posted about earlier. I agree completely with your thoughts on that.
I recently saw an interesting wood splitting device posted on living off the grid on Facebook. seemingly effortless manually powered. I do believe I have all the steel needed to build this thing and will set out to do so very soon.
I guess my point on that is if that works for real as it appears to on the video, there would be no need for a hydraulic woodsplitter, not that I currently use one, (I have split all of my fire wood by splitting maul for the last five years)
I do my best towards living up to the "reduce, reuse, recycle" motto. and learn and improve as I get older.
I've decided that the life I once lived - buying a car to get to work where I wear clothes that I had to buy for work, leaving my house to go to work all to pay for that car, those clothes, and that house that I only got to spend one third of my waking life in - isn't for me anymore.
I want to work and enjoy my time with like minded people, enjoying each others company. working together for the common good of all, and the environment around us.
I have some figuring out to do down here for the time being, in the meantime I will continue participating in this thread .
The pictures posted on this thread of your land (and the moose) are awesome.
Your right the Catskills are awesome in the fall, as Im sure it is up there, but we don't have moose down here, (normally anyway)lol
So far I have only two questions:
1- what is the current water supply on the land?
2- could you post a picture of the main building you were speaking of?
5 years ago
I have been watching this thread for the last day or so, and I must say that you have a awesome dream. It also looks like you've done your homework in thinking this out quite well.
I myself would love to be a part of such a community, although I originally thought I would look towards moving west from here (Catskills N.Y. area) to find such a place to be a part of, I think more important than a geographical location, is feeling comfortable in the Ideals and structure of the community that I hope to take part in. Yours so far sounds the most appealing to me.
I will definitely be keeping an eye on this thread , and contemplating a trip up in the near future, to meet you and have a look around (if you agree of course).
5 years ago
Hello Everybody,
I am new to this site, and about 3 years into my exploration of permaculture.
I am a 46 year young single guy, that has enjoyed the outdoors and nature his entire life (fishing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking etc...) It wasn't until I became certified as a wastewater operator here in N.Y. (a few years ago) that I truly began to understand what todays society is doing to our natural resources.
So began my interests and education in permaculture and like philosophies. Having a background in process engineering, I have been concentrating my reeducation on renewable energy, and sustainable building practices.
I have since left my career in water treatment, and currently exploring a new found talent in sculpting, and trying to make ends meet in landscaping (hardscaping and lawn care) for now.
My current thoughts and dreams are to Possibly relocate to Colorado, N.Texas , New Mexico, ? and possibly be a part of an IC in that region.
Regardless if I move there, or decide to remain in the Catskill Mountain area of N.Y. , I desire to meet more people who share in the permaculture mindset, and philosophies.
Last year I was lucky enough to meet a wonderfull pair of people, Peter from Denmark (METTA on facebook) and his fiancé Ashley, who lived next door to me for most of last summer. They are off on another hopefully fantasic journey abroad teaching earthbag and strawbale construction methods etc....

So if there is anyone local to me, that would like to possibly include another friendship in their life, (even better a woman who's open to a LTR) who's like minded - I'd like to hear from you.
5 years ago