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Paul Wheaton wrote
If there is an event there for which I am a speaker or something, then I feel like I can justify the trip. But to just go and be a tourist .... my innards are saying "you can't do that - you have too much work to do. And if you have the dollars to fly, you should spend those dollars on projects instead."

Think of going to Hawaii (even if you don't give a talk) as returning the surplus to the "system". All of your handwork and "surplus" has been returning to your system, but you are also part of the system and you must also be sure that some surplus gets returned to you, especially if it revitalizes you. IMHO of course.

(Still getting the hang of the Forum format)

Reaching out to local permies, local food, Humpback whales and sea turtles, AND fresh pineapple? Thats a no brainer in my book, but then I'm a diver too and have been to lots of islands and love island life. I have a special place in my heart for Hawaii. The Big Island is on my list of places to visit this winter already Do it! Also, I hear the local markets on the Big Island are amazing.
How does one sign up? Me and my partner will be moving to Montana to start our own permaculture adventure and would love to meet, volunteer, learn as much as possible. We're already signed up for other stuff but would love to learn hands on and just absorb everything we can for a while.
5 years ago