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Jules Harrell

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since Feb 26, 2014
Long story short, married with grown children, happy on a homestead farm. Love to share with young folks who want to learn how to live this way. I teach natural horsemanship and train damaged horses who are rescued from kill pens. My daughter has moved home to learn how to train horses and work on our small homestead farm.
upstate NY near MA/VT
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Here in the Town of Berlin, Rensselaer County  we can build almost anything to do with farming. Tiny homes are required to undergo all code restrictions for inhabitation as a regular sized home. Thus, you cant put a tiny home on a trailer and live in it without breaking some code restrictions. Now that said, most folks out here mind their own business but still. We also own property in Readsboro VT where the code requirements are even stricter. Why? no clue. Pick your location carefully. Jules
1 month ago
Hi, we are woof hosts and had ten woofers here this year. They have finally all gone home, but the farm continues. We are looking for one woofer or a couple to inhabit the Loft with fireplace. Very warm and cozy. Duties will be goat milking in January, and basic help around the farm. Mostly trail clearing once the garden is put to bed. Drop me a line. If you love horses that's a real plus as we have four that are awesome. Thank you, Jules
2 months ago
My thought is between telling us about your sex life or lack thereof and posting all the veiny selfies and body shots, you appear to be quite focused on your appearance and inner world. Not sure how well that speaks to digging in the dirt with all the rest of the permies. Id be more curious about your experience growing food and caring for livestock. Maybe consider changing the selfies to pics of you working on a farm? Hey Im 60.At my age, I tend to speak what Im thinking. Jules
3 months ago
Cherry Plain here. Yes its pretty weird now.
5 months ago
yes there are garden farm stores here that are open still
7 months ago
Would love to show you ladies around our neck of the woods. Jules
10 months ago
Hi, we are a family of three here on our 40 acre micro farm. We have three horses, 2 llamas, 7 cats, 4 dogs, and honey bees. We grow a wide range of edibles and also have wild garden spots in the forest. Depending on what you want to do and learn there are many options. We have room for 2 to 3 volunteers this spring/summer/fall. Alot has grown and  changed on our farm over the years. Please feel free to contact us here. We are also on wwoofuusa. jules, reesa and jerome
10 months ago
As a local here in Cherry Plain, on the MA/NY/VT border, across route 22 from the Beer Diviner, and East Coast Village, my only question is, are you all still sacrificing animals and calling the kontumble spirits (as advertised on your website.and admitted to the Eastwick Press in the 13 Barbies found on Bly Hollow Road story? ) LOL. Not sure how that type of activity fits into "permaculture."  
1 year ago
Kids do make a difference. If you crave country and he craves city, what do the kids want? I followed my dream back in 1994 and now live on 40 acres here in upstate NY. Took the end of my marriage in 1998 and a nasty divorce to stay here. I figured out how to refinance on my own. 15 years ago i remarried a city boy who learned to embrace the country lifestyle. My 25 year old daughter moved back to the farm after 7 years of city life and will build her home on our family farm. Husband and i both hold down full time jobs in Albany Troy while growing a massive amount of food. My daughter and i train and care for our herd of horses and llamas. My advice? Plan your life and follow your dream. Be prepared to go it alone. Believe in yourself. Jules
What a cool idea... sharing land. What are your taxes like? And how about permits for buildings?