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Recent posts by michael kinnear

Awesome. I was thinking if it becomes a problem I could make a screen barrier to keep them from propolising the glass. Although I would like to avoid preventing the bees from doing anything they want this could help them maintain the heat and vapors in the hive during my hopefully few observations.
5 years ago
thank you for this. I will try that instead!
5 years ago
Listening to the new podcasts (thank you!).

I thought the plexi glass was a great idea and I want to try it.

In fact -- what if we make plexi glass inner covers? heat and scent loss would be minimal and all I have to do for basic checks would be pull off the top cover.

I plan to make some this year.
5 years ago
I have decided to purchase electric measuring tools to record NPK, moisture, and ph. Will share results. Only about $15 for a small device to do each one.

Has anyone tried this? Are these tools useful?
5 years ago
Thanks both of you.

I just got my perennial seeds of about 12 different plants in the dirt.

I have about 35 annuals I am going to try in this bed to experiment and see what grows. I'll be sure to post results.
5 years ago
I started my hugel bed based on an interview I heard with Sepp and subsequently I bought his Sepp Holzer Permaculture book for guidance. I did not know about this site before I started. Obviously I did not look hard enough as this would have been the best place to start!

This is in the front yard for all to see. After we did all the shoveling my neighbor informed me he has a trackhoe I could have used!


-We dug one foot deep and piled about three and a half feet of pine logs and various other smaller stick material from birch and maple on top.
-Being only two and a half feet off the ground I search for additional material to get closer to Sepps 6 foot ideal according to the book
-I covered the bed at that point with about 6 inches of chipped hardwood *stick* mulch I shoveled for free each day on my way home from work
-We piled on the dirt and covered it with straw


After various research I came to an uncertain conclusion that because I used chipped wood from smaller branch material rather than the carbon concentrated larger sections of the tree will I be overfertalized/underfertalized? I read that the branch material under 2.5 inches has about the right C to N ratio. This is from chipped material up to 4 inches so my hypothesis is that I will be a little nitrogen shy and will do well to spread some fish emulsion to actually grow anything besides legumes. Am I way off base?

Thank you for your feedback!
5 years ago