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Sorry for this. I watched them last night, they were still public. I hope that at least some of you could watch them.
I guess we can close the thread now

The end was cool, he presented the newest projects he was working on.
He claimed that you don't need permission to put up art in your garden, so he disguised technology in artsy objects
8 years ago
Hey Permies,

Someone posted a two part video from the Holzerhof, where Sepp is having a seminar.
It's only from the first day of the seminar. The first video is the introduction and the second video the group walks around the property with Sepp.
The left audio channel is austrian and the right audio channel is the english translation.

I don't know whether the videos have been posted already or not but just to be sure, here are the links:


I take no credit whatsoever for this, I just happen to find the videos. Maybe someone attended the seminar?

cheers and have fun. Some classic Sepp ranting there
8 years ago

Chris Badgett wrote:In case you haven't seen it yet ... there are more inspiring tiny houses here: http://cabinporn.com/

That post just cost me my whole afternoon! beautiful pieces. Thanks for this link!
8 years ago