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Selling nearly 4 acres property in the SE Missouri Ozarks. Property is located off a paved highway that sees maybe 20 cars a day. I lived on this property in a yurt for 6 months last winter. There are other offgriders in the area.

property listed here:¤tpage=1&l=535395

Price Neg.
There are many more packs that are not pictured. I do have some that are open and a picture of those but 90% are unopened.

These are tree, shrub, vine, and vegetable seeds.

My plans have changed recently. I just sold my property and will be travelling for a bit, but when buying my property I bought lots of seeds to start my food forest/garden.

I do not want to sell the seeds individually, so I'm offering them as 1 bulk lot. I have lots of pictures so you can see all the seeds. I will post 5 pictures but I can email you all of them if interested.

Feel Free to PM me.

I think I spend $500-$600 on all of these seeds. I am selling the whole lot for $150.

The seeds where purchased with the Great Basin Climate in mind. Zone 3-5, Arid.

US only.
I am in the same situation.

I have spent most of the last decade living in vans and truck campers. I choose to live in these vehicles. I don’t do this because I am homeless or poor. I do this because I have always felt rent is a scam. When I rent, I am only paying for a kitchen, a shower, and a place to sleep. My van offers the place to sleep. My van/work act as a kitchen and the gym is a place to shower.

I spent most of my 20's living in a van and traveling around the country. At age 27 I decided to buckle down and get a real job. I am now 31 and recently cashed purchased my 2 acre property. I would like to retire on this property by 40 years old, at the latest.  Right now make $75k a year and live off  $1000 per month. Most of that money goes to food. Once I get my garden started my food bill will drop significantly and I think I will live off $600-800 per month.

My retirement plan is to buy rental properties. As much as I think rent is a scam, people will pay for housing, so I am going to capitalize on it.

I always try to tell people there are other ways to live but they always have excuses.

The biggest budget items that I have cut out living this way.
Rent: $400-$800 per month. saved by living in a vehicle and soon to be a yurt
Cell phone: $75-100 per month. free service plans exist. Right now I use Freedom Pop which is a free service in the US. It's not great but it works.
Internet: I don't know what people pay for internet, I use free sources.
Food: *Hopefully* I can save 200-400 per month on food once I get my garden up and running. I would like to not have to buy food at all but that is a few years away. The disadvantage of mobile life is you are reliant on the food systems.
Credit cards and other debits: $100-$300 per month. I live debt free and make cash purchases.

I save up to $1500 per month just by cutting out the major expenses most people don't think they can cut. This savings equates to $18,000 per year or $25000 per year before taxes. A majority of Americans can give themselves a 50% raise just by leaving a non traditional life style(I don't know what life cost in other countries, so I can only speak for US cost)

Also, if anyone is interested in living in a vehicle to save rent. is a great site. It is built and occupied by friendly people living in vehicles.
1 year ago
Thanks James!

Utah is such a pretty state.

The goal is to develop the property into a full time homestead over the next 2-3 years, without acquiring any debt.
1 year ago
I recently closed on a 2 acre property in Weber County, Utah. I plan on camping on it this summer and over the winter I am going to convert the pole barn style building into an off grid cabin. The building has a 25' trailer parked inside, so it should be a nice place to be this summer.  There is currently no water or power on the property.

It's 6800' feet in elevation and about zone 5b. The area receives about 23in of rain annually and 85 in of snow. Here in Utah the rainy season is the fall and spring, we normally have hot dry summers with no rainfall from late May through late August.

The property is mostly covered with gamble Oak that grows as a scrubby tree . They do produce acorns, but it is almost impossible to walk through the lower section of the property. The Oak is about 3-5 feet tall and dense. The property faces east, south-east. The lower portion of the property is sloped at about 11% grade.

I have attached some pictures and google earth images with topo overlay.

I am only planning on having a small raised bed garden this year and just observing the property, the soil is very rocky so digging in a real garden bed is a season long task. The earliest I would do any work is the fall. Hopefully after spending time at the property I will have a better understanding of what the property needs. I am relatively new to Utah so I am learning about the climate and the flora as I go.

I work full time and my job is about 35 mins away. Since I am single with no kids, its easy for me to get away, so I plan to spend as much time as possible up there.

1 year ago
A lot of Cities have a green waste center that sells top soil, mulch and compost fairly cheap.

Here is the link to the green waste center in Missoula
1 year ago
I like it.

I will be a $100 backer when it goes live.

Thanks Paul
I also don't use shampoo, body wash or deodorant. I do use a grey water safe detergent.

Like Joseph, I will use soap for a deep cut to keep it from getting infected, but that is it.

I manage a warehouse, so I am physically working half the day and in the office the other half of the day, and I never hear complaints about smell.  It's seems counter intuitive but I feel that I may get more of a funk in the winter. Wearing multiple layers makes it harder for my body to breathe, and keeps the sweat from evaporating.
1 year ago