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Amit Enventres wrote:One last thing: there are binaural beat videos that are supposed to help heal the gutt and even kill H. Pylori. As far fetched as this may seem, I figure it can't hurt (as long as it doesn't hurt your ears) and at a minimum can help calm a person and focus them on healing.

Indeed, sound is another form of transmitting frequency, just as light therapy or consuming nutrition are.  Your brain responds the same no matter the source of the frequency.  Human BioAcoustics as pioneered by Sharry Edwards recognizes this, and ongoing research has provided amazing results in restoring a healthy balance.  Nerves have been regrown, bones healed and even regrown, macular degeneration resolved, PTSD overcome, pain quickly reduced, etc.  Everything in your body such as muscles, bones, hormones, toxins, nutrients, genes, etc. have their own resonant frequency, and that info is transmitted via the vagus nerve through your voice.  Vocal analysis reveals the state of your health, and specific frequencies can be used to pull the "sour" frequencies back into balance, which allows the body to heal itself.  You can learn how to do this yourself and support the non-profit Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health's mission to restore people's power to maintain their own health.  This is a new paradigm for many; I've created a simple website that introduces the concept and links back to pertinent parts of the Sound Health Options main site:

Someone also mentioned Manuka honey.  I second that; for more info, listen to Richard Pearl interview Gavin Gear, founder of ManukaGuard which produces medical grade honey (as well as consumer dietary grade).  It is 100% effective against staph infection, great for acid reflux, etc.  Richard had Gavin on his show on 7-12-2014 and on 2-6-2016.  After listening to those shows, you’ll be dripping with knowledge about Manuka honey!   I’ve combined those podcasts here:

Richard’s live “Pearls of Health” shows are Saturday, 12pm Central on, and you can find his show archives since 3-29-2015 at

Cabbage juice is excellent for healing stomach ulcers.  4 ounces several times per day for a few days often works wonders.  I recall a study where cabbage juice outperformed drugs.

Another post mentioned that stomach acids digest fats and proteins.  To a limited degree that is true, but primarily stomach acids are actually activators for the body's digestive enzymes.  So when you consume a meal, stomach acids are secreted to activate your enzymes that actually break down the meal.  If the stomach acids were the primary method of digestion, they would digest your stomach as well.  I learned this from enzyme expert Ron Schneider, founder of Enriching Gifts International (; referral code T00011 saves 30%).  Their full-spectrum plant based enzymes are the most potent I've found, with 130,500 HUT of protease (compared to 10,000-50,000 for most other formulations).  It also includes ionic minerals which are necessary cofactors for enzyme utilization, but are often deficient in modern diets.  Studies have shown an increase in digestion by 243%, and metabolization of branched chain amino acids by 525%, and of free form amino acids by 723%.  Since enzyme production capability typically diminishes about 8-10% per decade, and the high priority that the body places on digestion (that consumes about 50-60% of available metabolic energy), enzyme supplementation is arguably the most important supplement to maintain optimal health.

A simple and extremely effective protocol to quickly heal the gut is Robert Scott Bell's silver-aloe protocol.  He's made that chapter of his book available online:
The aloe is very healing; the silver is antibacterial but also regenerates tissue as well (that's why they use it in burn wards).  By the way, a study showed the Enriching Gifts aloe product's long-chain polysaccharide content averaged 1,000,000 compared to less than 25,000 for competing products, and increased cellular regeneration rate by 2.7 times.
2 years ago
Cool project; sounds like a bigger version of laserhacker's upgraded solar kiddie car. Note that he used LiFePO4 batteries for their safety, capacity, and light weight:
4 years ago