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Thanks for the feedback those who have given it a test run...

This is the first announcement of V2 of!

I have now completely rebuilt the website - it is now much more scalable to handle 100s of thousands of listings and has a few more features than V1, there is also the beginnings of a blog of some of my musings that will grow over time.

Have a permaculture site or education facility you'd like to list? Checkout the permaculture listings on and then sign up to post your own listing for free.

Want to post some guest blog articles (with links back to your website)? want to get involved in making listings for eco-friendly services or businesses in your area? get in touch.

I hope this can grow into a useful resource for promoting earth friendly businesses, services, travel, education facilities, permaculture sites and anything really where people are making an effort!

Have any suggestions? found any problems? please let me know here or in a purple moosage

Yours in permaculture & homesteading

ps...yes I know mobile view is not working well, its next on the to-do list! please just check it out on a computer for now ;)

7 months ago
Thanks for the heads-up about the mail sending issue - this has now been fixed.

Also I really appreciate the very detailed message you sent, some great stuff there. I am working through the points and updating the site as I go.

Feel free to play round some more with the site and if there are any other suggestions, please let me know!

9 months ago
Thanks for the feedback!

Great idea about providing an option to hide of the listings and just have the map - I'll see if I can add that.

For now I've just made the map a bit wider - and have also added mouse-over instead of click to view pins on the map, I think this works better

Unfortunately I'm now back at work but I'll work on getting the listings more complete and adding social feeds to more listings as I can.

I'll keep this thread updated as I add more functionality & listings.
9 months ago
Hello fellow permaculturalists and eco-warriors

In my spare time this holiday season I have been working on a map-based listings site, mostly related to permaculture but also including other green organizations & businesses. I have spent many an evening compiling locations of permaculture research centers, education facilities, markets, homestays, etc

Please check it out and give me some feedback!

If you have a permaculture project or other eco-related organization or business you would like to list, please click 'Add Your Listing' and register to submit your listing.

There are many new features in the pipeline, but currently it offers the ability to create image galleries, link YouTube videos and create a consolidated social feed from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. See for a demonstration of some of the features available.

Please note that this is a hobby project so please be kind! if anyone wants to get involved in creating the biggest & best directory of planet saving projects & products, please be in touch with me.

Yours in permaculture

9 months ago
Hi all,

We've had to dig a channel in a wet grassy marshland recently, the soil is mostly very fine roots, thick dark brown/black mud and straw like grasses (see pic) and we have a lot of the mud/plant matter in a pile now

On the same farm we have an area which has very poor soil (a few dry, scraggly grass shoots and hard compressed clay / sand) - see other pic. I have dug a swale above it, which should hopefully help with water retention of the patch.

Since there is so much composting mud material it would seem to make sense to use it to improve the sand for growing plants / vegetables

Would it be best to use this material as a (dry or wet) mulch on top of the existing sand for planting in, or dig up a section of the existing soil and mix the marsh soil in? Or compost it further before using?

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

5 years ago