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Massachusetts, 6b, urban, nearish coast, 39'x60' minus the house, mostly shady north side, + lead.
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Recent posts by Joshua Myrvaagnes

That's unfair to deny a right of appeal.  What is the law they're enforcing?

That sounds constructive and generous to keep showing up at the town meetings.  

Maybe there is also a way of catching flies with honey here?  Flowers are beautiful, people like beautiful things, usually.  

Are they talking about last year's dead flowers?
I hear the praying mantises are done hatching by now in dead stalks, so hopefully it's less damaging.
Or are they saying you can't grow tall things this year?

[quote=Kamaar Taliaferro]Thanks for all the support yall.

This issue kind of died for me as another sprang. Kinda tangential--my city demanded that I cut down sunflowers i planted alongside the road due to a complaint, and withheld my right to appeal said complaint. The sunflowers were the lowest hanging fruit (compared to enforcing speed limits and parking requirements) in this case.

I dont see myself as in the position where using energy to change the paradigm is worthwhile. This isnt my "forever property".

I'll continue to be present at city meetings on the issue.

And Christopher, if you want to resist holler and I'll send you research and reports done by a local journalist against mosquito spraying. He was pretty comprehensive. Your place may use different chemicals, but it may be a decent start?[/quote]
1 week ago
Also, "accept feedback" (of nature and of humans' behavior) is a permaculture principle.  For me, this instrument really clarifies the feedback.  

Bill mollison said, in an interview,that as an anthropologist he studied what humans did, not what they said, and that informed his ideas.  I see this instrument as amplifying that feedback.  

My hope is that many people in the USA will try learning and experiencing this while we have the chance to learn it from one of the inventors.  If it's a dud, oh well, but she's here for a limited time, so if you can make time for it now please do!  If someone comes to mind who might be more inclined please pass this info on.  Thanks!
2 weeks ago

Chris Kott wrote:So a device, or an exercise? What are we talking about here?


Good question.

Yes .  
2 weeks ago
I want to share the info for transparency but I don't expect this will be useful, not a good intro.  But you are completely free to experiment.

Materially, it consists of a round mirror in the center, a ball of strands (the 'voice'), a bell and stick, 2 pawns or rocks (the "trophies"), and a handkerchief/tissues for wiping tears.  The handkerchief says all emotions are welcome. Each item has a distinctly-shaped base to sit on also, for blind-accessibility.

Generally you need at least 4 players to play the instrument, and a maximum of 15 or so.

My version of the instructions (any inaccuracies are my responsibility and not of the inventors):

1 the main move is speech plus a mirroring back of what the person with the voice says.  The gesture to offer mirroring is a flat hand pointing toward the speaker.

2 you can interject, short, supportive, or clarifying-question interjections when the person holding the voice is speaking, by pointing two fingers at the ball.

3 if you are emotionally overwhelmed or triggered, you can pick up one of the trophies, and hand the voice ball to someone to facilitate you through your feelings.  They ask: what are you experiencing? And echo back what they hear; What are you feeling? and echo, et., What do you feel in your body? What does your breathing feel like?  And echo back and repeat the cycle of questions.  When you feel complete with the emotion, you put the trophy back. ( The second trophy is for a second person's need while a first person is using the first trophy)

4 the bell is for resonance or art; the ringer/stick is for silence (hold it up to pause the speech).

A feature that makes this permacultural is that it needs no electricity or hard-to-procure elements.  If you don't have a ball of strands, a fruit can substitute, anything soft, for example.  A bowl of water can be a mirror, or a puddle.  
2 weeks ago
Hello permies,

This instrument is really impossible to describe but I feel deeply helped by it, and it's free and open source.  The inventors are pretty insistent about spreading it slowly and in person, so if you're in the Bay area (San Francisco in California) or in San Jose then now is a time to learn it.  She's in the country for a few weeks all the way from Malta!

I've found myself more at peace with others' disagreement or difference of opinion, more hopeful about the results of my efforts toward being a responsible inhabit of the planet, and more aware of my body's communication with me.  It keeps going deeper each time I use it, and this after a 2000+-hour training in a body-mind discipline.  

It's not televised not even on the internet, just purple moosage me if you are interested in trying it out .

I posted it under "communication" though technically it's not a communication instrument, I've learned.  But it answers the desires I have for communicating with other people!!

In community,

2 weeks ago
Ear permies team,

This is a great great opportunity for the right person, and kinda meh for most anyone else.

Faux-op (semi-coop, rental, but landlord is a member).  She is blind.  The plus side--you'll learn a lot.  The minus--the whole community should help the blind person in their town, not just the four people who live in the house or the one who happens to be there at that moment.  It can be lopsided.  

3 paywapys, about 5 years old this spring...three blossoms last year.  2 1/2 hazelnut trees.  

Great location for commercial interaction--3 minutes from major subway stop, about 20" to downtown Boston.  Davis Square is gentrifying--you could make money here or work a tech job, if that's your thing.  

I want to find someone who is strongly committed to protecting these trees.  There should be no more roof construction needed anytime soon, the last time the construction workers did a number on two of the food-producing trees...

I wouldn't brag about the permaculture design here, nor the implementation, but it's not terrible.  And the shady back yard can be used for mushroom cultivation, changing more of the forsythia to hazelnut over time is pre-approved, and really there could be chickens or quail.

Comes with free supply of rabbit poop from a neighbor.

Neighborhood brunch, building relationships and potential sustainability focus and co-housing rearrangement retrofit (long-term goal--we've planted seeds by hosting this brunch monthly with egularity and consistency).  

There is lots of lead in the soil.  The front (sunny side) garden bed is not necessarily available, but this might be able to be negotiated.  

For someone looking to transition to rural life this could be ideal.  $710/month with utilities.  

Purple moosage me for more info.  Thanks!

1 month ago
My heart is with you.

And yes, an elder care forum!! really really great idea.  Elder care, self-care, and ______...
1 month ago
UPDATE--I made it.  Today is spring.  I did not need to turn on the radiator once al winter long. And we had a couple of really cold nights.

It may of course become winter again in five minutes, this being New England on global weirding steroids, but I think it's safe to say I don't need fossil fuel heat in my room.

I will admit I turned the heat on one really cold night for my partner, who was leaving next morning at 4 am for a flight, when we'd stayed up too late to really have time to heat with the laptop.  

It's not a fully scientific experiment, but it's an urban experiment, and it was comfortable.  I could sleep.  Usually I haven't even needed the dinosaur laptop, just my newish mac charger (supposedly 6 watts--though I would guess it's a bit more than that, let's say 15 to be really conservative).  

1 month ago
Mind blown.  Cooling by as much as 40C below ambient temperature in dry climates.  Allows emission in infrared rays.

1 month ago
Here are my instant gratification thoughts:

--forage.  find it where it already is.  Tree nuts, etc.  I have no idea what grows in Nevada, but I'm sure there's a lot.
--for greens, weeds are wonderful
--get compost that's already compost--some cities have huge piles of decomposing leaves that no one is going to miss, and if you dig down a bit you can get to stuff that's already broken down.  Careful, though, it's hot enough to scald you.

meanwhile, do other strategies to prep the garden bed for next year.
2 months ago