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My heart is with you.

And yes, an elder care forum!! really really great idea.  Elder care, self-care, and ______...
3 days ago
UPDATE--I made it.  Today is spring.  I did not need to turn on the radiator once al winter long. And we had a couple of really cold nights.

It may of course become winter again in five minutes, this being New England on global weirding steroids, but I think it's safe to say I don't need fossil fuel heat in my room.

I will admit I turned the heat on one really cold night for my partner, who was leaving next morning at 4 am for a flight, when we'd stayed up too late to really have time to heat with the laptop.  

It's not a fully scientific experiment, but it's an urban experiment, and it was comfortable.  I could sleep.  Usually I haven't even needed the dinosaur laptop, just my newish mac charger (supposedly 6 watts--though I would guess it's a bit more than that, let's say 15 to be really conservative).  

5 days ago
Mind blown.  Cooling by as much as 40C below ambient temperature in dry climates.  Allows emission in infrared rays.

2 weeks ago
Here are my instant gratification thoughts:

--forage.  find it where it already is.  Tree nuts, etc.  I have no idea what grows in Nevada, but I'm sure there's a lot.
--for greens, weeds are wonderful
--get compost that's already compost--some cities have huge piles of decomposing leaves that no one is going to miss, and if you dig down a bit you can get to stuff that's already broken down.  Careful, though, it's hot enough to scald you.

meanwhile, do other strategies to prep the garden bed for next year.
1 month ago
quoted from another thread ( this answers my question mostly, but not for my climate exactly.

We've ha

d a thermometer in several parts of ours.  It gets really really hot here in the summer, and on a 110 degree day the top trays get up towards 125-130, the bottom trays are more like 110-115.  I think electric dryers stay below 120.  Some people are concerned with their food being exposed to temps more than 110 or even lower.....when the air temperature outside exceeds that I don't know how you'd go about drying food and keeping it cool enough to meet raw foodist standards.  Luckily, we do not care.

1 month ago
Anyone know if there's a mechanical way to make a solar dehydrator regulate the temperature so as not to go above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (for "raw food" preservation)?  (It could be any temperature lower than 115 and lots of wind movement, down to 32 Fahrenheit).  How hot does the Wheaton design get on, say, a 95 degree day, in the dehydration chamber?

What if you faced it to the east and the back was painted white so the afternoon and midday sun wouldn't affect the temperature inside much?  (It would cease functioning by noon but just pick up the next day).
1 month ago

My partner sent this to me.  I hadn't known the history of the cold-climate food forest in the USA and of the food forest behind Tree Crops: a Permanent Agriculture.  It's cold climate plus hot summers (100 Fahrenheit)!  Untended for decades.

Also could use support--people who can get across to the developer who wants to take down these trees the value of what he'd be throwing away.
1 month ago
My cousin somewhat recently had a tragic loss.  She needs to be treat with a lot of respect, given the circumstance, but there is an opportunity for some true progress here: she's just posted that she's looking for recommendations for a landscaper, and I would love to find a permaculture landscaper for her.

I don't want anyone pushing permaculture on her, I want sensitivity to her wishes.  At the same time, I know she cares about the world and there's a learning opportunity for someone who can create edible landscaping rather than vapid, and work with her in a life-giving way.  We're really not in contact much, so you'd need to ask her some questions about her desires for her land and listen, listen, listen.  If anyone's up for this I'd like to have a brief conversation with you first before passing on your info to her.  Please send me a purple moosage. Please pass this on to people who do good work or post recommendations I can follow up on here.  

2 months ago
Great responses everyone!

A few points:

my thought was you can light the candle and then put it out when you leave.  Problem: someone might forget.  Possible solution: really short wick that you have to adjust before each use.  You could cheat, but you'd have to do something active, passively it will just go out on its own after 5 minutes.

Methane--I'm assuming the quantity that is coming out is not that large--we're not talking about a biogas digester here, just intestinal know, from all those sunchokes. :)  Am I missing something? Willow feeder model?  I envisioned this as for the indoor pooper with small bucket you take outside once a week--but still it's a bit of a chill.  Coleman lantern seems way overkill, and I wnat to do this without electricity if possible and without possibly-toxic gick.  

Toilet seat indoors by the stove--no, the objections raised by the Yukon poster make sense.

Something natural, insulative, easily cleaned even without paint...sound like the birch is the best one so far, but the cleaning part is still slightly dicey.

Squatting--I can squat, but I can't squat over a 5-gallon bucket.  I'd at least need some framework around it.  Other Americans usually cannot squat.  Elderly people would probably not be able to access the contraption.  

Great input everyone, keep it coming!

Greg, did you do the test?
2 months ago
I was thining of how to warm a toilet seat, and this idea is what has come to me:  tiny tea lights below either side of the O -shaped seat: xOx, where the butt cheeks land more or less, and the part of the seat that's there having either a) metal wrapped around to conduct heat up from the candle to the top of the seat there or b) actually put a hole in the middle of the wood of the seat and then metal over that, if the heat won't transfer fast enough.  

problems--it might get too hot (from Google I see a candle is 70 watts's worth of heat, which could burn you; solution: put it a bit farther away?)

flame inside a wooden structure (outhouse)--problem: obvious.  solution:   maybe there could be a really bad candle that burns itself out after 5 minutes?

other interesting points: if you want to reduce methane, or even smell in general, a flame is a good way to do that.  

This would be for an indoor, winter pooper situation.

2 months ago