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Thanks for the response

Miles Flansburg wrote:What kinds of organic matter can you get your hands on? Wood chips, logs and branches, manures, grasses etc.

There's a field a few hundred yards down the road where people in the neighborhood dump organic matter...grass clippings mostly but probably some tree trimmings and stuff like that as well.

Miles Flansburg wrote:How much of a slope do you have? Try to keep as much runoff water on the lot for as long as you can.

I'm guestimating the property drops 10 ft over a length of about 160 ft.
4 years ago
I'm in East Wenatchee, on a suburban lot about 1/4 acre with a slight west-facing slope. My soil is dry and sandy. I want to grow as much organic food as possible on my property.

Where do I begin? I want to build my soil. I'm going to start doing vermiculture.

I only have city water (expensive) and rain water (not much in summer). I plan to set up a rainwater catchment system (starting with 4x275gallon IBC) in the coming weeks because I figure that's going to be necessary to get through summers.

I want to learn about permaculture. I don't know anything at this point. What's a good starting point?

5 years ago