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Recent posts by Barton hiatt

I have considered Montana, I grew up in Cleveland so I'm not a big fan of winter, but I'm about do for one.

I've been working on placing huegelculture gardens in basins down slope from rain harvesting elements.
I've been working mostly in desert or drought environments for the last 10 years or so. Im all about stretching resources.

If I have a specialty, its land sculpting for rain harvesting and erosion control, with on site or near site materials. My Flickr site bartswindow has a lot of examples of stuff I've done.

A lot of my work has been as facilitator for volunteers and work shops, with my last job being as work trade coordinator for JBGORGANIC. Im verry much a self starter, and can help keep others busy or manage a work shop.

A few questions:
What are the housing options?
Are there income opportunities near by?
When would be a good time to arrive?

Ill be traveling by train and bicycle, so I won't be bringing much with me besides skills and time.
While I'm there I'll give you as much energy as I can to help you to steward your new place.
7 years ago
Hi I'm a permaculture designer, bicycle/hpv designer. Im looking for a short term project 2-6 months. I would like to help create huegelculture rain harvesting gardens and other food producing systems.
I have worked at organic CSA and farm jobs.
I have worked with a lot of volunteers both as facilitator and as a co-worker.
show the work I have done, or helped with in the past, and link to my Flickr site bartswindow.
I am a minimalist, I need a place to stay out of the weather, access to food and water, a project, and the resources to get it done.
7 years ago