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family looking for work for housing. We have a small little family .. very well behaved children. Looking for the experience as well as blessing someone else. 35 and 34 years old. husband is laid off welder, im a homemaker. We love outdoors and gardeing. LOve it! From arkansas, willing to relocate anywhere in the states
6 years ago
family of 4 from arkansas seeking living arrangements for trade of work.
WE have been so interested in learning farming and horticulteral work. WE are excited
about the oppertunity and need it badly. We are hardworking and very loyal people.
We have two young children . We are able to live in small living accomadations. Camper,
small trailer, even a one bedroom home would still be suitable for our family.
ANyways. we are willing to relocate and are able to do so at this time.
We are on the verge of being homeless due to job lay offs and need the help. If we can offere
our services to you please let us. We need work and a home.
thanks so much in advance Summers Family
6 years ago
Family seeking work for housing arrangement. We are down in our luck and having a very hard time financially.
We have two young children that are very well behaved. WE are looking for someone that has the extra housing on their land for us and
would need our help. We are hard workers, loyal, and honest. We take pride in our family and work.
If you are interested please get back with me. We currently live in arkansas but willing to relocate or do whatever it takes to make sure we
have a place to live. We are going to be homeless with the way things are going now. Please if you have the room.. consider us. IT would be a
blessing and in turn we would diffinantly bless you back. THanks for everything
SUmmers Family
6 years ago
Diane .. Hi ME and my husband are back in Arkansas and we really really want to help if you are available and still have the housing for us.
We spoke back in April last year when we were still living in FL. We came back after my car wreck. Im so much better now and situation has it
that my husband just got laid off last month and we are experiencing a very difficult financial situation.
If there is anything we can do to help we would in tunr be greatly blessed.
THanks so much ..
6 years ago