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Jennifer, That is brilliant!
Thank you so much for your help and your speed of response.

Shall I keep you informed how we get on?

6 years ago
They have a rainwater harvesting system that leaks all over the place, they want that to work properly.
!Grey water from kitchens/bathrooms: buildings; eco-lodge place (eco-huts and eco-dorms) for all buildings and kitchen. Water in to eco-houses
Water heating system Solar.
Plumbing for eco-huts/dorms under construction: Have sent links below for these.
Eco-dorms pipework – for : Water - plumbing works inside.
Fix rainwater harvesting system pipework - YES - into eco-buildings.

!This is the sort of eco-toilets we want to install at the ecolodge. See this link:
www.tamera.org- compost-toilet
!See the ecolodge here: http://www.alpineinitiatives.org/blog/2012/05/ cottage-project
!And here for more photos: https://www.facebook.com/IPITiriji

A lot of the problem is that people are being helpful but often from a place of little knowledge - those who live there don't understand plumbing and people donating things don't understand Africa!
6 years ago
We are looking for the most appropriate and sustainable type of PIPEWORK to use in a Kenyan eco-community.
Currently the plumbing is rudimentary and piecemeal.
We're plumbers from UK and have the skills to change this working in collaboration with the local people... BUT we need advice o the best materials to use.

Please help if you can either with advice or signposts

Thank you
6 years ago