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When I was thinking 'companion', it was more of an elderly woman having a slightly younger woman, with or without a kid.
I imagine your situation was scary, my wife worked in several nursing homes. Some of the dementia patients needed to be in the psyche ward.
I imagine there are a ton of women that would thrive in a situation where an older shut in needs some help in exchange for a safe place to live.
2 months ago
I think this is getting sidetracked, I was just looking for a platform, somewhere people could go, be crude if they wanted, non-politically correct, mention guns, gunshows and not be austracized for being red, white and blue.
Timothy mentioned a good point about PSW's, and people just needing someone to talk to.
This leads into a great opportunity for people that need help, but are limited on funds. If they have homes they could trade room, and maybe board for help around the house. This might end up as an ideal arrangement for the boarder that is limited on funds and has an outside of the home job. After all, most of our income seems to go towards shelter, heating and cooling.
3 months ago
Pearl, you're in my prayers.
I had a storage locker in Arizona that I had been paying on for nearly 9 years. At first it was 44 dollars per month, then they upped it every 6 months till last month was 89 dollars.
It hadn't been opened for that long. It was a dusty, sandy mess.
There was a few items of my mom's that I would have liked to keep, but I just didn't have room in my truck cab. I finally did some serious cleansing of the stuff. The two items that I wanted to keep were nowhere to be found. There was a bunch of photos that I grabbed.
The thing is, I could have shipped the whole wad across country multiple times, if I had only known a trustworthy soul to clean it out.
Maybe you could become the go between for people in your area? A bit of background checks on a few ladies, some local advertising. Maybe an introduction letter included with people's pharmacy items. Or bulletin boards, a Facebook group...
3 months ago
Well I was too lazy to go look to see if this had already been discussed elsewhere.

My brother in law is a past president of the Iowa Abate group. Pretty good bunch of guys trying to keep the right to crack your skull open if you want to, among other things.
Anyway he gets put in timeout every once in a while for posting some offcolor humor,  vengeful thoughts outloud and most recently for letting his friends know about a gun show in his area. Facebook jail.

I haven't went looking to hard for a Facebook alternative, but knowing Paul is master of this and his techie forums, I just wondered what the expense and techno headaches would be involved in creating a similar site for those types?

3 months ago
P.S. I added the kickstarter email to here, with your link you provided in the email. Then I found the candy!
Thanks Paul
Sorry for not realizing I used a different email for kickstarter. Thanks for educating me.

That's been an interesting and frustrating experience. I started out online back in 95 or maybe a hair earlier using hotmail.  Well when gmail came along you had to get an invitation. So once I got that I set up an email address, and eventually I wanted one for just business. Then jalf a dozen email addresses later, I started mainly using just one.
Hotmail had a big part in sticking with gmail, I logged in one day a few years back, only to find 98 percent of anything I ever had received gone. They had been bought out by Microsoft, so now I needed to login that way.
I would have washed my hands of the whole bunch, but I used hotmail addresses as a backup if I ever forgot my gmail address passwords.
You might use your mom's birthday backwards for all your passwords, but gmail occasionally says, "Your password is old, time for a new one. I had bought one of those fancy password creators, but unbeknownst to me they expire. Then they need bought off to work again.

And how was your day?

😂 Mike
I finally found "my stuff" link under profile, but it says I don't have any paid access to anything.
Am I just dumb?
Was there a time limit? I know that bit me in the nethers before. Over the road truck driver,  so deadlines are weary suggestions.
Hi Paul, me again, never found any emails to show where candy is. I don't seem to have a "my stuff" link. You are referring to permies dashboard?
Of course I couldn't find it at my kickstarter either.
I saw a link aways above about all stuff delivered to correct people.