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Recent posts by Cassie Langstraat

Yes!! This is so exciting to see! I can't wait to see what takes hold and thrives! :)
3 weeks ago
Yay thank you so much for posting about the whole process Wayne! That is super helpful for other potential clients to see. :)
3 weeks ago

Thomas Brincat wrote: Hi everyone I have a huge problem I have a very high water table. My grass is constantly Soaked .The ducks started picking at the dirt where they found a little bit of water and created a 5 x 5 pond for them selves pretty neat how nature passive way of helping yourself. I have 7 acres and I would like to put in at least an acre and a half . . I’ve been reading some posts and people are saying start out by digging a hole and And see  holds water. Does anybody know how much it would cost to To dig out a 1 acre pond may be an acre and a half thanks Tommy

Hi Tommy, if you are interested in having Elemental Ecosystems help with your pond situation, you can email us at office AT
3 weeks ago
Love those photos Wayne. I think Ben took some of the finished project too, so once he sends them to me I might post one or two here. :)
1 month ago
Yay! Photos look great Wayne. What a great project, so glad we were able to work together and it was so nice to meet you in person too! :) Tell Elizabeth I said hi too!
1 month ago
Here are the dates for the tour! Will post here again when we confirm date and location for Houston Texas.

I'll be there at all of them, hope to see some of you!
4 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:I am unsure what you are looking for. I have no affiliations with any local groups but can reach out with more info on what the goal is.

I'm in Fort Hood area. Close to Austin and Waco.. I know the Mother Earth News fair happens around February . People like Salitan are there giving presentations every hour.

Heritage farms may be a place to check. Waco. They have 2 big gatherings a year. They would be aligned with Zach and have the space and following to pull in a crowd. In the back of their compound is an insitute. Maybe for sustainable agriculture. I cant remember the name. They do old school stuff at the farm and give classes.  Wool to yarn, yarn to finished goods. Wood fired pottery. Forging. Making cheeses. Water powered flour mill. Sorgum pressing. They bring in big numbers of people.

The goal is to find places for Zach to give his Water Retention Landscapes presentation at, places that could get at least 20 people to come.

So what I'm looking for is just places (cities, towns, etc)  that would maybe have a fairly big environmentally conscious population. And then once I've narrowed that down, finding specific organizations or universities in those places that would be willing to host the presentation.

So, the place you mentioned in Waco is a great example. I'd Imagine Austin would have some great places too.
6 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:Is he doing an event in texas? Info on it would be great.

Hi Wayne,

There is potential for one in Houston, if it ends up happening, I will definitely post about it. :)

Where are you at in Texas? Any ideas on good spots to have a presentation?
6 months ago
Hey ya'll,

I am helping Zach Weiss (protege of Sepp Holzer) organize a small presentation tour through the southeast US.

Problem is, I don't really know what cities along the drive would be especially good for this. He will be driving from VT to TX, definitely stopping in Asheville, NC, and possibly Baton Rouge, LA, along the way. Here is a screenshot of the general route.

Any ideas of places directly on this route or even a bit off this route is fine too.

I just really don't know what cities would be worth going to, where there might be a big environmentally conscious community. Thoughts?

Atlanta? Birmingham? New Orleans?

A bit more about the presentation, just for context:

He gives a really inspiring talk about restoring the earth's water cycle by creating water retention landscapes. It provides both the context and theory for the larger ecological issues at hand, as well as real-world examples of the solutions and approaches. He highlights projects from a variety of different contexts, scales, and climates so participants are left equipped with a fundamental understanding of the key elements, and introduces the incredible possibilities for restoration and regeneration.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or ideas!

6 months ago