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Recent posts by Cassie Langstraat

Jesse Glessner wrote:Here is a great "water story" and you've probably never heard of the gentleman.

Viktor Schauberger

The Inexhaustible Power of Water

This guy had a very unique life! Read the article and you might get interested in learning more about him.

He was also interested in caring for the land. Read about how and why he invented a copper plough!

That's awesome Jesse, because Viktor is actually one of the Water Heroes in this video!
4 months ago
Howdy ya'll.

Just wanted to pop in to say hi and share a video we (Zach Weiss and crew) just put out through Water Stories.

The video is about our 10 Heroes of Water

As you can see, two of our Water Heroes are Sepp Holzer and Willie Smits, two of the people in Level 10 of Paul's Wheaton Eco-Scale. (So, they're obviously awesome.)

We hope to share with you the amazing stories of all of all of these Water Heroes, and show you that no matter where you are, or what your circumstance, you have the power to make a positive impact on your local water cycle.

Watch 10 Heroes of Water Video
5 months ago
Hi beautiful permies,

Just me again, just wanted to reach out to tell you about a webinar we’re doing next week with the world-renowned agroecologist, soil restoration expert, and author: Nicole Masters.

Over the last 2 decades, Nicole’s work has helped restore healthy soils with clients across 1.3 million acres. In this webinar, we’re going to dive into how healthy soils can rehydrate landscapes, and repair the local water cycle.

How Healthy Soil Restores Landscapes and the Water Cycle

When healthy soils are restored, stormwater is captured, infiltrated, and stored in the landscape, which stays green for longer. Storms become an asset, plants stay healthy, and the threat of droughts and wildfire are mitigated.

For a farmer or rancher, this leads to a stronger livelihood with fewer expenses and more profits. For the rest of us, this leads to healthier ecosystems.

Nicole will be sharing some incredible case studies of soil restoration and rehydration, as well as actionable steps you can take to restore your soil, and as a result, rehydrate your landscape.

This will be a great webinar, followed by a Q&A afterward on the Water Stories platform.

Details: May 13, 2021 10:30 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register For The Webinar!
1 year ago
Just a reminder about this webinar - tomorrow at 11:00 am Pacific Time! Another thing is that if you cannot attend live, you will be sent a replay link to the recorded webinar. So no worries if you can't attend at that time, just make sure to register so you can get the replay link sent to you after the webinar.
1 year ago
Hey lovely permies, just wanted to share this webinar that Zach Weiss is going to be doing next week. Thought some of ya might be interested. :)

In this Webinar, Elemental Ecosystems director Zach Weiss will share his experience on creating water retention landscapes, and will show how these earthworks can lead to dramatic ecosystem restoration, and the restoration of water supply and wildlife habitat. Zach will share how water retention spaces can reverse longstanding cycles of drought and soil loss, and actually create a feedback loop of ecosystem restoration that benefits people, animals, and fertility.

Also, Zach will present a brand new global platform for water cycle restoration and practical training during the webinar that you can take part in now.

Mar 25, 2021 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Click Here to Register For the Free Webinar

Also, if you haven't already checked out the Water Stories Online Education Platform that Zach and I and team are creating, please do! It is in the process of being built, but coming along nicely!
1 year ago

Ash Jackson wrote:Such an awesome trailer, obviously an important topic.

I want to laud how well constructed the trailer itself is; the astounding quality of the imagery, the pacing and tempo, and the intensity, is of truly cinematic quality.

(I also personally enjoyed the build-up to Sepp. Don't want to spoil any more than that)

Well done! As any good trailer should, this has me dancing with anticipation for when the film premieres.

Thank you Ash! I will pass on this message to the filmmakers!

Trampas Graham wrote:"Elemental Change"...what a fitting title for the time in which we live!  Thank you so much for creating this film...seeing something such as this reminds me that there is hope for humanity after all.  Best wishes and congratulations on undertaking such a beautiful and worthwhile creation.  

Thanks for the kind words Trampas. That is the hope: hope.

Laura Emil wrote:LOOKS powerfully important, i just tried to submit my name/email on the website form (to get details on when/where to watch the film), but "Something went wrong while submitting the form." Don't see a 'contact' option on the website, so thought i'd try to let you know here...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for letting us know. I just tested all the forms and they are working properly so maybe something was happening at the time that got fixed? Care to try again and let me know if it is still not working?
Hi Jordan, we were just discussing getting the trailer up on youtube soon. I will post it here when we end up doing that!