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So i need to put at least 1 with the bull. Atm i have 4 with the bull, maybe i sld take them back to the main herd and just leave 1. Bull will jump Neighbours fence if i dont leave at least 1.

The rest of the herd are still in the rotation and bull a few of paddocks behind. So wld 2 head ruin my 30 day rotation?

I contacted judy and he said let bull run with the herd but im not game enough.
3 years ago
Thanks for the replies

Wes. I think i didn't explain correctly, ive pulled him out of the main herd bc of the heifers. I have him with newer cows who havent given birth yet.

I think ill sell him. I can hire a bull fairly cheaply here.
Hes a bit of a pet so it will be a shame.  


3 years ago
I have 10 - 3 day cells. Ive pulled my bull out with 4 cows that will give birth soon , where do i put him?

I cant really make a bull paddock but i can let him follow the herd around the rotation maybe 15 days behind. So this will screw my grass?

Do i put him by himself? Or 1 other cow?

Do i sell him and just hire a bull when needed?

Any other possibilities?

3 years ago
Hey all,

Its because of this topic that im going to do the strip grazing deal, since i first read this post i have done a bit of research, so ive come back here because i just wanted to add another way of dividing the paddock.

1, water in the centre of the paddock
2, fence off the water as stated in greg judy's video
3, place the first temp fence straight out anywhere to the edge of the paddock
4, place the next fence at 1 o'clock,
5, (so remembering that you want to minimise traffic at the water) then next day or when needed 2 o'clock or 1:30 depends what the area is etc etc.

Should look something like a wagon wheel.

Just my thoughts.

Rusty gippsland

6 years ago