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Allen: That good and all, and I really enjoyed your thoughts on the RMS as a family treasure for several generations. I do agree on that.

That said, we did talk about a water heater solution here right? So I will still need a RWH (Rocket whater heater) :3 for my shed. It's purpose will be to heat the water once a day so the residents and guests could get a decent shower each day. It's off grid.

That said, have you seen ZeroFossilFuel's channel on youtube?

He has designed and perfected an adapter for feeding a rocket stove continously with pellets, and it looks like something everyone can put together easily.

This we could easily top up a can for a few hours burntime.

PS: The main building will end up with a RMS if I manage to convince the interior designer. :]

Do you have any good toughts on how to improving this design on a water jacketed rocket stove. (I dont think this is considdered an RMS anylonger)

It's also still an option to make this a open system, as the shed is located higher than the main building therby pressurising enough by itself.

Boom squish! -Thor
4 years ago
Hi guys.

I've been looking at several designs for a rocket water heater.

And what comes to mind when considering the factors should be something like in this sketch I made up.

That said, I do have access to wielding equipment and old water heaters.

The design...

* Operating at normal water pressure (might considder two pressure/temp valves on this)
* Added vertical steel fins between the water and exhaust (Size should be tested, as this might induce too much drag on the exhaust)
* Isolating the area above the riser exit to reach sufficient combustion temperatures before it cools off by the walls (Some people that have constructed with water all around and over the inner barrel seems to have issues with getting draft)
* Need to figure out something smart to do with the exhaust (Thing is to be buildt outside in a shed)
* I should move the cold water inlet to a low location and the heated water outlet to the top

Kind regards,
4 years ago