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Some friends of ours around Ararat, Va have a U-pick orchard, part of which is on a steep slope.  The owner said when he was developing the orchard he needed to built terraces to plant his trees on, and he had no money for heavy equipment.  So he hitched up his 2-bottom plow to his tractor, and started cutting terraces into the hill with it.  After about 10 passes, he had enough of a terrace to plant his trees.  30 some years later those terraces are great to walk along and pick apples.  Don't necessarily need a big excavator, just an old tractor and a plow....
4 years ago
Message finally came thru, ended up in spam, but have handled it.
Did not get part 2..... Hotmail user.
I'd give this one 9 "acorns". I read this one this past winter, so it's been a few months. Really good book for cold-climate growing, has lots of PRACTICAL ideas, backed up with real-world experience.
5 years ago
Long time lurker, first time poster....
We've homeschooled our 7 children in one way or another since the oldest were 3-4 years old. Each child needs different styles of instruction, so we customize as necessary. The older 4 (10, 12, and 13 yr. old twins) are about 80% self-study; we do give them "work" that they are expected to complete each week, some do it all in one day, others do it thru the week. Our 3 year old is learning basics of reading, mainly due to "wanting to be like the big ones". The other two are pretty young, so we haven't started real school with them yet (coloring only). It varies from season to season how we handle it; fall/winter there's usually a lot more book work and class type "stuff", spring/summer is almost pure hands on. Garden work, working with animals; butchering, egg collecting. The older boys will be helping with our next hog slaughtering, they've watched enough times, now they're gonna jump in and do. After that I'll sit back and watch them do all the butchering
For those of you looking for help with math, we've found a math series that works for everyone - it's called "Life of Fred". If you never thought you'd find a math book funny, check out this series!
6 years ago