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Recent posts by Niels Anderson

Hi Permies,

After years of wanting to get there, the time has finally come for me to visit New Zealand for a decent period of time.
Being a permaculturalist myself, I'd like to see some farms / projects in development in New Zealand along my trip as well.
I should arrive in New Zealand a little before Christmas and leave a little more than a month later, hoping to have seen both North and South island.
I'll be travelling mainly by hitchhiking and (tent)camping.

If it is possible, I would ideally like to spend a day on each permaculture, trying to learn as much as I can from each farm, fully developed or not.
In return for my stay, I'm willing to do some work during the day, could offer some compensation or bring some Belgian gifts with me. While camping, I do not leave behind anything that wasn't there before and I shall treat your land with the most respect.
Any kiwis around here interested in helping each other out?
3 years ago
While not being farming- related, I would highly suggest to visit Meteora, Greece.
One of the most beautiful and impressive scenes are there I would say.
4 years ago
Hi There!

After some years of studying agriculture & permaculture, I'm about to start my own Project.
But, as many of you undoubtedly know, designing yourself brings out lots of questions to be answered, so I decided it was time to become part of the permaculture online community to spread what I learnt, and learn from others. My dream is to become quite self-sustaining in a lifestyle that would fit us better than the current all-individual culture I live in. My first challenge will undoubtedly be to find the right spot- and when I do, to select the investments with the biggest return on ... the soil of my permaculture, to set a productive ecosystem in place.
I'm looking forward to looking into your projects and getting lots of feedback myself!
4 years ago