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since Jun 08, 2014
Stone Garden Farm Richfield Twp., Ohio
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If any of you ever pass through N. Ohio, please stop on by. I'll be glad to show you endless proofs and examples of successful dowsing. It is an art and a science that takes work, practice and learning. I'll be happy to teach you.

Jim Fry
Stone Garden Farm
Richfield, Ohio

P.S. We've been having meetings of the Buckeye Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers here at our farm the fourth Sunday of the month for the last 28 years. Our next meeting is this Sunday.
4 days ago
Ah-h-h-h, but you see, …(Some of us) are living in the U.S. And some people want very restrictive covenants. Some people want very restrictive rules. They like them. They especially like that their neighbors have to live by them. So for me, I'm fine with people living in HOA's. If that's what they want, more power to them. We're (mostly) free to do want we want, live how we want. If they want to be very controlled by others, too bad for them, but ok by me.

As for the crazy developments, that doesn't worry me too much either. If you don't want to live next door to mass housing, you are free to move elsewhere. If the land next to you goes up for sale and might be in danger of development, you're free to buy it first. If you can't afford to buy it, well then somebody else did a better job of making money to buy the land, and they will. And then they're free to put it to whatever legal, zoning permitted, use they want to. It's too bad, but that's the way it is. If you don't have enough money to do what you want, if you didn't get on the zoning board to enact laws or rules you want, then others will. That's the price of freedom. Messy, sometimes really nasty or sucky, but that's the way it is. Get enough power (money) to do what you want, or somebody else will do what they want.

As for the houses themselves, well, they suck. But it's their right to build them (unless you are on the zoning board and have a majority of friends also on it). And things and times change. We're in a "big" phase now. Later on maybe not. The Fred Roller Farm was on the other side of the Township from our farm. It was a beautiful place, huge big well standing barn, lovely 150+ yr old house full of fancy and fine woodwork. Good soil like you can only dream of. Then one day a developer bought it, and the next day the farm was gone. In its place they built a 20,000 seat sports arena. With parking lots as far as you could see. Basketball, hockey, indoor dirt track, car shows, rodeos, the circus (my gosh that elephant manure was good on the gardens), and so on. The whole thing lasted a bit more than 20 years. Then the Cavs moved to downtown Cleveland. And the Coliseum went empty. They talked about making it a Mall of America, or a prison, or a college, or ….. . But instead they tore it down. Now the "Fred Roller Farm" is next to the National Park that got established here 40 yrs ago (32,000 acres that used to be housing and is now beaver ponds and eagle nests) and is the largest continuous bird nesting field in the State of Ohio.

So yes, developments suck. But that doesn't mean they will be there in a few years. Things change. Pompeii got covered by a volcano, San Fran. will someday float out to sea from an earthquake. The houses they are building these days aren't meant to last. They're just sticks and nails. They'll be gone soon enough.

P.S. Did you know that there are more farms in Detroit now, then there has been in 150 years? Things change.

1 week ago
Is it bolted together, or tied with ropes? If rope, I don't believe I'd trust climbing it. The ropes are 25 yrs. old, maybe looking ok, but actually rotted?
There's a number of ways to get it down, but one thing I'd think about doing is using a bow & arrow to shoot a string up over it. Then use the string to pull up a rope and use the rope to pull it over.
~~It looks like it might have a zip line attached to it? Could you use the zip line and a come along to pull it over?
It looks heavy enough that the builder probably used a crane to erect it. If you have the money that would be the safest way to disassemble.
In any case, I wouldn't leave it for too long. Somebodies going to get hurt eventually.
We're about 20 minutes south of Amit, in Richfield, Ohio. If you visit him, you might want to stop by here to also see how a more rural organic/permaculture/biodynamic farm works. It's funny that Amit started out his reply to you by writing that "nothing he does is free". That was my first thought also as I was reading your post. If you do get to a gardening/farming community you will very quickly learn that none of what we do is "free". It's all lots of work. Some are suited to it, others not so much. A great deal of whether a person will be successful in this life is whether they are comfortable living in their own skin and how rich their imagination and dreams are. It's a different world, lived at a different pace, than urban/city life. One of the first lessons of this life is how different time is. These days most folks watch TV and "deeply learn" that problems come along and then are solved in 1/2 hour. On the land, things are much more about seasons and years or decades.
You have it threaded wrong. Search "two wheel Turkish spinning wheel". You'll see.
2 weeks ago