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Speaking of PM. I received an email saying I had received a PM. But no new Mooseage has showed up. Has the message disappeared into the void?
It's interesting to me what many of you consider to be needs to be self-sufficient. And how much you do not mention. If you look at the records of the early settlements in what became America, two of the most important "trades" were blacksmith and religious leader. Without metal, you'll be cutting trees and digging gardens with stones. And without food for the Soul you will soon become lost in the wilderness.

In any self-sufficient village you need vastly more than the most basic needs. Harness makers, animal "specialists", shoe makers, carpenters, midwives, lots of children, spinner and weavers, weapon makers, container makers (barrel & basket), rope & cordage makers, metal workers, historians and teachers and Elders who remember, healers & herbalists, and in many ways almost most important, ...Ceremonial Leaders.

~~Fortunately (for us) we have all those here, and all the tools for their use. We could just use a few more self-sufficient folks to join us.
3 weeks ago
Merry Christmas everyone.

Today has been a very pleasant day. The joy of knowing the reason for celebrating this day, His Birthday. The warmth of the fire with which we heat our home. The pleasures of time spent with family enjoying the day. Knowing the farm animals are well cared for and fed. And the gardens covered with their winter's mulch, becoming new soil by Spring. It's a very pleasant day. But perhaps best of all was getting up early this morning to journey into town to give sandwiches and snacks and gifts and gloves or socks and our time and caring, to those living such a very different life than we do. Merry Christmas. And a most joyful and productive New Year.
4 weeks ago
Top "eye" is a turkey baster.

There is a Nat'l Park just down the hill from us. The Park (mostly) follows the Cuyahoga River. Beside the river is the old Ohio-Erie Canal towpath. Hundreds+ walk or bike that path everyday. Beautiful place.
We like to go there after fresh snows and build random snow sculptures. Just whatever comes to mind. It's creative. The kids love it. For us its a part of homeschooling. But perhaps the most fun of it is to watch folks come by and take pictures.
-I've often wondered why more people don't do random acts of art and fun.
4 weeks ago
According to the American Cancer Society: ~~~"Nearly 1 out of 3 people in the United States will have cancer during their lifetimes.
Cancer can happen at any age, but nearly 9 out of 10  cancers are diagnosed in people ages 50 and older.  People of all racial and ethnic groups can get cancer."

Percentages listed in this discussion by another poster are too high. If you don't smoke (anything) your chances of getting cancer go way down. According to Cancer Research UK, worldwide cancer chances are somewhat higher because there continues to be more smoking in countries other than the US. --So yes, definitely eat good food, cut down on processed food, eat mushrooms, eat fresh fruit, and such. Exercise, think good thoughts, do charity, love each other, be a permie. And you'll have a healthier life all around. But the single best thing you can do to avoid being ill is to stop turning your pretty pink lungs into black mush by not smoking (anything).
4 weeks ago
Wwoof.org, ic.org, craigslist/volunteers, lots of other "connection" sites all have specific requirements and uses and purposes, ….according to the folks that established them. But what I have found from many years of having folks come to our farm from any of these, is that no matter how people find us they're all pretty much the same. Wwoof'ing (for example) is "supposed" to provide a way for people to make short visits, learn some and move on. But what actually happens is each person does what is best for themselves. Some stay long, some only short, some come and go. It's the same with all of the people from the different sites. The sites are just a way to connect. They are rarely the perfect and intended way to connect, for the people using them. The sites just happen to be the way the seekers happen to find in order to connect.  The individuals do as they and the hosts wish (no matter what the site says you are supposed to do).
1 month ago
Happy Winter Solstice!!

There seems to be a bit of misapprehension by some of the posters here about what the Winter Solstice is. What it is not is just a pagan, or any other spirituality's, ceremony or practice. It is a moment in celestial time when the northern hemisphere of Earth is tilted the farthest away from the Sun that it will ever be in the course of the year. What this means is that in the northern half of Earth, the days are shorter and the nights longer than any other day of the year. (Of course the southern half of Earth would be just the opposite with longest day and shortest night.)

The reason this day, Winter Solstice, has always been Celebrated as one of the most important days of the entire year (Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox being the other vitally important days) is that it marks Mid Winter and the return of Sun. Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers need to be able to fix time of season so they knew when to plant, when the fish would "run", when the animals go into or out of hibernation, when animals would mate and when give birth, when green plants would start to emerge, when they would die off, when the cold would return. The marking and Celebrating of these celestial events enabled us humans to plan for the future, and greatly enhanced our ability to simply survive. Simply put, without the ability to know what's next, we are much more likely to die.

So Happy Winter Solstice!! Today we mark Mid-Winter. Today we know the next 3 months of the turning of Moon will bring a time to rest and heal and prepare. Today we know that with each new day to come for the next half year, Sun will share more of its life giving Warmth and Light. Today we know, that in 3 Moons, Earth will turn green again. Today is a day of such importance to all Human People, and a day of such importance to People who want to live in co-operation with Earth and all the Other People's of Earth. Happy Winter Solstice indeed.
1 month ago
John Brown, the great American abolitionist before the American Civil War, lived in our town before the war. He ran a tannery and tended to several flocks of local sheep. When people being held in bondage escaped from the slave states of the American South, they would make their way north, especially to Ohio. The Underground Railroad here would smuggle them to Lake Erie then across the lake to Canada. John Brown had a false bottom wagon that he used the carry the freedom bound folks. He would fill the wagon with sheep wool and hides so as not to arouse suspicion as he traveled the local roads at night. The wool he carried made him a legitimate traveler at all hours (at the time the slave holders of the South were allowed to search anyone and anywhere for their escaped property). John Brown managed to help hundreds of folks to freedom. ~~So you see, sheep are very valuable for all sorts of reasons. You can sell their wool, eat their meat, keep your fields in order, ...and use their products as part of The Freedom Trail.
My experience is that any horse that eats wood in any way or form has some combination of personality disorder and diet deficiency. Without any personal scientific proof what-so-ever, I believe that the folks in the video claim that wood chips are nutritious and healthy to consume is very far off base. To me the whole thing seems like a very bad idea and I would not be the least surprised with their horses became very sick. We have all the same animals on our farm as the video people do. In my experience and reading, horses are the only animal who will eat themselves to death. Horses need proper good feed in the right quantities. It's simply a very poor plan to try to go cheap. I think what they are doing is verging on animal abuse. ~~~But hey, other than all that, interesting idea. If you don't kill or injure your horse.

P.S. It occurs to me that humans have been generating wood chips and sawdust for thousands of years. If wood chips made a good feed, we would have been feeding it a long time ago.
1 month ago