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Stone Garden Farm Richfield Twp., Ohio
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Pick a few and place them in your house, particularly your basement. Folk lore has it that them are good for ridding your home of spiders. The wood is really pretty for wood working projects. It also is quite weather/rain resistant. At times we have cut V branches and stuck them in the ground, then laid a branch a crossed them. It makes a good "drum" for fun and Ceremony.
5 days ago
Site your well were the water is. Look up the American Society of Dowsers.  ~~~ http://dowsers.org/ ~~~ They will help you locate a local to you dowser. It works. It works well. We've had the State chapter meetings here at our farm for 28 years, every fourth Sunday. All welcome. You can put a well anywhere. You can plant a bush as you wish. Trees will often grow were you stick them. Houses and bee hives will sit were you place them. But, if you want the best place for any of them (and so much more) dowse it. Then you'll be sure.

Jim Fry
Ohio Buckeye Dowsers
Richfield, Ohio
5 days ago
You might want to check:

6 days ago
Come visit sometime. We're just down in Richfield. www.stonegardenfarm.com www.ohiofarmmuseum.com 
1 week ago
~~~On the other hand.

We milk Jersey's. We drink and sell the milk, and make, use and sell all our own butter and cheese. We like to raise the cow's calf on the mother until weening, so we don't have to sell quite so much milk. Then we buy another calf to put on the cow. That gives us a number of calves a year to raise for beef. We separate the calves from the mother at weening, but a great advantage for us is that if we need to be someplace at milking time we just put the calf back in with the mother . Then we don't lose production from not milking. The skim milk left from making butter we sell as a "specialty milk" for those who want less fat (their "mistake" is to our benefit).

As to your specific question about raising calves on skim. I've raised beef and dairy for 45 yrs. I wouldn't do it. I have no science at all on whether it is possible, or advisable, or not. But my experience is that I wouldn't do it.
1 week ago
And for any of you folks in, around, or passing through Ohio, you can stop by as well. We are a mixed permaculture/organic farm, 19th Cent. museum, and heritage skills school. Plus Laura is a great Midwife and I pound nails and paint stuff. We like company, sojourners, drop ins, and longer term folks, ..we rarely eat alone. We are really easy to get to, between Cleve. & Akron. Jim&Laura and kids and others. Stone Garden Farm. Richfield, Ohio, U.S.  www.ohiofarmmuseum.com  www.stonegardenfarm.com .
You had previously written that you wanted to visit the Appalachians some day. If you (or any other permies) ever decide to go there, stop by, we're on the way. There's always folks here. We never eat alone. The more the merrier. The more the "tribe-ier". We run a rather complete farm with lots of animals and lots of gardens. We have moved 40 buildings here from 6 counties and have a rather complete 19th cent. village (with heavy emphasis on crafts and trades). And we teach heritage classes: including soap and cheese making, fiber arts, some blacksmithing, broom and rope making, and such like. We also talk about/teach Ancient Traditional Wisdom & Prophesy (as taught by the Seneca's and others). Jim&Laura and lots of kids and lots of others. www.stonegardenfarm.com  www.ohiofarmmuseum.com  
2 weeks ago