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Recent posts by Jonathan Stover

Hello Everyone I'm just writing a quick note about our 22 acres and unfinished slip straw insulated house/garage that we're selling we need to relocated for a number of reasons and would love to sell to someone
who appreciates natural building  
Jonathan Stover
our Craigslist ad

Cash price is negotiable
owner financing needs a large down payment
1 month ago
Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and I'm just wondering whats the chance of finding a 5 to 20 acre parcel to rent around
San Antonio or Austin Texas preferably an hour out of the city in some rural community.
I want a landlord who is happy with all sorts of homesteading activities gardens, orchards, animals etc..
I've been looking in to buying land but I'm not sure about it yet and would like to learn about the area first.
I would like to try living in an area with warmer winters I'm contemplating a move from NE North Dakota to south central tx.
Need to be allowed to live in my RV trailer until something else worked out
Interested in rammed earth and cob homes,
High density grazing holistic managment etc..,
Geoff Lawton style food forests.

Thank you all for any suggestions I'll consider other areas of TX as well

Jonathan Stover Cavalier ND
6 years ago