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Devaka started programming with Pascal and BASIC languages when he was 13, and he has been coding with Java since 2003. Devaka got his bachelor's in computer science from the University of Moratuwa, and currently holds SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD certifications. He is mostly known as the author of ExamLab , which is a popular exam simulator for SCJP certification.
When he is not wrangling with his JavaEE and enterprise projects, he likes to play with sneaky web application security stuff.
More about Devaka can be found at his website
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (zone 12)
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Paul Petrea wrote:Would it be possible to add the file to a cloud service such as OneDrive or DropBox, which could then sync with our respective machines without the download repeatedly dropping out?

Personally, I use a number of cloud services, mostly for this reason.

Unfortunately, we don't have a feature to transfer files from permies to third-party cloud services.

I can see that your downloads have been interrupted due to network errors. That should be your ISP trying to reset the connection. Do you have a secondary internet connection to try this with? Maybe a mobile network?
1 week ago

I'm trying to fix this for you as soon as possible.

To discuss more about this issue, I just sent an email to the email address your permies account is registered with.

Fixed. Please check again.
Hi Don,

I can see from here that you DO have access to RMH plans. You just need to be logged in to permies to access its contents.
Please log into permies and go to this link:

Do you see a download link?
I gave both of you some apple and pie (apple pie? mmm!) for the heads up.

I think I just fixed it. Please try again.

Judith Browning wrote:Since I couldn't do a screen shot here's a photo with my camera...the post I tried to 'report' was your 'bump' in this thread R so it looks covered completely by the white space. 

Did it give you a chance to enter your comment?
Please check again.

I can see the correct thumbnail in all columns now.

Normally changes to thumbnails can take a few hours to propagate to the 'best' columns.