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Devaka started programming with Pascal and BASIC languages when he was 13, and he has been coding with Java since 2003. Devaka got his bachelor's in computer science from the University of Moratuwa, and currently holds SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD certifications. He is mostly known as the author of ExamLab , which is a popular exam simulator for SCJP certification.
When he is not wrangling with his JavaEE and enterprise projects, he likes to play with sneaky web application security stuff.
More about Devaka can be found at his website
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (zone 12)
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We just did the merge-magic. Your original account now has access to the product you purchased.

On 12/27/18, I sent you an email asking for a confirmation about this issue. Did you receive my email?. In case if you didn't receive the email, I just also sent you a purple mooseage.

We will have a new change to the forum software tomorrow which will allow us to merge the two accounts for you. I will let you know when this happens.

Good observation! Thanks!

I just fixed it. Can you please try again?


Thank you for reporting this!

I just fixed it. Can you please try again?

denise ra wrote:Do I have to install the plug-in?

You don't have to install that plugin.
Hi bob,

As I can see from our logs, a lot of emails we sent to you in March this year have bounced back for "554 5.0.0 Service unavailable" errors. After receiving so many bounced emails, our system automatically flagged your email as invalid. Could it be possible that the email servers at @j*** were not up and running all time? If it helps, I can forward some of the bounced emails to you.

That said, I agree that our system should provide you a way to sort this out in case of a valid email. In fact, we will have that feature very soon.

For now, I can manually change the email address on your permies account back to the previous address, and see if our system can send emails without getting bounced. Does that sound like a good plan?

paul wheaton wrote:The old view will probably go away today.

And now it's gone!
Thank you for reporting this and helping us maintain a smooth software, Chris!   I just gave you an extra pie and apple (mmmm, apple pie?)