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Recent posts by Andrew Whittaker

Hi All!

I wanted to share some of the work I am doing to bring edible forest gardening and the idea of public food forests to my corner of the world (20 Miles west of Boston, Zone 6a).

I have been working for the past 2 seasons in building a public edible forest garden on the campus of a local church.  During this time they have opened up their campus to people like myself looking to reuse landscapes in a healthy and productive way.

The design and guiding principals are heavily influenced by the work of Dave Jacke, as his books as well as his Edible Forest Garden at Wellesley College are a continued source of inspiration.

Here is image of the design to see where it began.

The main design features are a meadow ecology of native wildflowers and grasses as well as the edible component of the garden with its woody shrub and herbaceous layers.

Embedded below are a series of videos I have made to give an idea of the space and what is going on with the garden.

Recently we have installed a passive water harvesting feature to mitigate water flow problems and also to slow, sink, spread, and store water in the landscape itself.  This has its own set of videos to go along with it.

Would love to hear your thoughts, critiques, and any ideas you may have to make the garden even better.

Thanks again for the great community here!

3 years ago
Hi All!

I would like the share the second film in my series of Permaculture Propaganda Entitled "Layers of Design"

Again thank you to all who share their wisdom and information here!
4 years ago
Thanks for watching Roberto!
4 years ago
Hi Genevieve,

Thanks for taking the time to watch the film and share your thoughts. It is greatly appreciated!

The arch supports for the tunnel are made from 1/2" emt conduit used in electrical applications. They dry fit quite nicely over the 1/2" rebar that makes up the side wall support of the structure.

Thanks again for commenting.
4 years ago
Hi All!

I recently completed a film on the creation of some of my Permaculture Gardens.

In it you will find the creation of a 4 season-cold climate-water harvesting-hugelkultur-raised bed-kitchen garden, edible forest gardens, keyhole raised beds, and dry stack rock garden.

I hope you enjoy the film!

For more on my exploration of permaculture visit

Green Abundance By Design

I have been so inspired by these forums and the people of this community.  Thank you for all that you share!
4 years ago