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Has the effectiveness of the two models been compared?  Anyone prefer one over the other?  These are great, and so timely as I plan to build one soon.
2 weeks ago
Interwoven is a 160-acre farm, nursery, and community in South-Eastern Illinois.  We host events, plant tons of trees, and are home to several residents with their own personal on-site permaculture enterprises.  This thread is specifically for the Interwoven Nursery.

Our mission is to supply an affordable and diverse selection of useful perennial plants, with a focus on hardy, low maintenance species and genetics, to assist in the creation of self-regulating garden/farm ecosystems.
-To promote perennial plants as a means to feed people and heal ecosystems
-To create abundant food-producing landscapes, for the health and well-being of the planet and its people
-To acquire and preserve useful perennial plants for the future of our region
-To educate on how to garden, cook, and heal with perennial plants
-To develop and expand upon the idea of a perennial based diet

Gardening and farming with perennial plants is a solution to many of the world's most pressing problems. They can create more nutritionally dense food with substantially less work than annual based agriculture. By creating food systems based on the wisdom of nature, there is less need for human maintenance and inputs. Less maintenance and inputs mean more time and money for the gardener/farmer. Healthy forests create an abundance of food, improve air quality, are home to countless critters, and thrive despite weather extremes. No one had to plant, weed, fertilize, spray, or water the forests since they self-regulate and self-replicate. The solution to the energy and food crisis lies in the natural order found within healthy ecosystems. All mature ecosystems have something in common. They depend on perennial plants to perform many of their functions. They work together to create biodiversity, resiliency, and abundance. Humans can return to our rightful place as harmonious participants within the natural order, by reviving our relationship with perennial plants. Together we can co-create thriving ecosystems that take care of people and the planet.

Hi Tyler Ludens,

There may still be some available by then, but I can't be sure.  You can secure your order by purchasing now and including 'ship in fall' in the order notes. 
Hi Mike Jay,

You pull off a single bulb from the 'top set' and plant it in its new location.  They also plant themselves by their top sets getting so heavy that the plant falls over, and thus 'walks' to the new location.
30 Egyptian Walking Onion top sets for 16.99$ + free shipping
-I try to include lots of large to medium-sized top sets, if I ever include small ones, I make sure to add a bunch of extras.
-This is the only item currently in stock at our nursery.  Everything else available for pre-order for fall.  

Link: https://www.interwovenpermaculture.com/store/p21/EgyptianWalkingOnions


Hey there from Interwoven Farm!  Over the last couple years I have been slowly developing a online nursery, with a focus of serving the permaculture community.  I believe transitioning to perennial crops is a key part of building a just and abundant future.  I love propagating these amazing plants and spreading them out all over the world.

The chestnut trees are all bareroot seedling trees.  These trees were grown from nuts from the 3 cultivars recommended for commercial production by the The Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri.
You can choose seedling trees from any of these cultivar parent trees...

Gideon (chinese)
Qing (Chinese)
Sleeping Giant (Chinese x japanese x american)

15$ each or 10 for 99$, including shipping.

The groudnuts are an improved variety from LSU.

Check out the website for more info, and other lovely plants.  Feel free to ask any questions.  Thanks yall!

When we moved onto our farm one of the ponds didn't hold water.   We discovered that the drainage pipe had rusted severely and allows water to leak through the dam wall. 

The pipe is about 4 feet wide when it is vertical (where the height of the pipe determines the max water level of the pond), and then it is about 2 feet wide when it runs horizontal across the bottom of the dam wall.
,,,,,        ,,,,,      
    |        |________________
According to my research metal drainage pipes often rust, and eventually need to be replaced.  There are 3 common solutions.
1) Dig out pipe and replace it with a new one.  In the process you have to excavate a large portion of your dam wall
2) put a new pipe inside your degrading pipe and then seal the space in between with concrete or something. 
3)Take out as much of the pipe as possible, without digging out much of the dam wall, preserving the dam wall.  Then cover back up with packed clay.  Then use an alternative means of drainage.

This sort of system seems quite common.  If this problem occurs and goes untreated, eventually the erosion can become major enough to blow out the dam.  I now detest such a technique, I want my ponds to last generations, not the lifespan of a metal drainage pipe. 

I'm choosing option 3. 

So far we took out the vertical piece of pipe.  Now we are left with the rusted horizontal pipe that goes bellow the dam wall.  We are considering building forms and capping the end of this pipe with concrete, and then backfilling with our best clay.

Anyone have experience with such an issue?  Any thoughts to add?  Is capping with concrete over kill?  What should be done?  THANKS A BUNCH!
10 months ago
Anyone know how cattle panel hoop houses compare to more traditional metal tube hoop houses?  I'm wondering which one is cheaper to build, and which one is strong and longer lived.  I imagine the cattle panel is stronger, but more expensive?  Thanks.
1 year ago
I got it!  Thanks so much!  Next time I'll make sure to support the kickstarter with the same email that I have connected to my permies account.  Take care.
Thanks Paul!  That did the trick.  Now I received some of the premium access emails to my email address that is connected to my permies account.  The only problem is I never got resent the access emails for the PDC instructor notes and the 6 ways to keep a chicken PDF.  I hope I can get those.  Thanks for your help and your time.