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Hello Paul and Jocelyn,

After hearing about your problem and reading some of the replies, I think that the homeopathic and natural options have mostly been put forth. Rightly, some people have also gently suggested that Paul's weight, which has been an issue on the back burner, is rather forcefully moving to the front burner, heat high. I do believe this means that now and not later is the time to begin to consider these topics again. I know that there has been much thought and discussion put into diet and health considerations, and that Paul has been waiting for some magical time when he can show that the new situation will result in a fabulous weight loss. What I have discovered since the discussions we had a few summers ago is that there is another side to losing weight and reducing stress, and it has to do less with what exactly you eat than in how you eat it.

Although it is of course important to eat the highest quality foods that can be obtained, it is equally important, if not more so, to eat thoughtfully, slowly, and at the proper times to maximize the body's native digestive and metabolic forces. I recently ran across a wonderful book that explains in a sensitive and balanced way how to use whatever food you think it's best to eat to get increased energy, vitality, and well-being while decreasing weight, stress and toxic overload. I don't diet and don't believe in diets, but if you can get over the name, the book is really great. It's called The Slow Down Diet by Marc David.

I think Paul's body is sending him an unequivocal message that it's time to slow down. He can still get a lot done, but he needs to stop sacrificing his body for his mind, and integrate both very important parts together. I don't think this crisis is in any way a signal that Paul needs to give up his life of crusading and innovation. I think he just needs to take this opportunity to listen to what his body is saying, and re-organize a bit so that he can take himself to a higher level of existence, and then continue to inspire the rest of us to learn and grow as well. Remember that the body is smart. It only resorts to these extreme measures when we don't listen to the gentle reminders. Paul knows that he has been ignoring the gentle reminders to slow down for some time. So listen and learn and then you can start slowing down to get more done, at the very least more than you can do flat on your back, eh?

Love and best wishes to you both,

Rebecca Boshemian.
3 years ago
I've made a rough draft of some signs for the Wheelie-Bin Poopers. Now is the time to amend the instructions for maximum effect. The main, short points are intended to be very big and underlined, with the explanations in smaller type.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wheelie-Bin Poopers!
We want you to have an enjoyable experience here, so we have provided some useful tips and background for your information.
_Pee Outside_
Our pee is a precious resource, one that is basically sterile and safe, which is why we pee on the compost pile whenever possible. This is also why we use urine diverters--instead of our pee making the bins into a smelly mess, we can use pee to help create the hot water for our showers. If a small amount of pee gets in the bin, it isn't a problem, but since pee is a perfect nutrient for most plants, we can sprinkle it just about anywhere else and do more good with it.
_Sprinkle Sawdust Sparingly_
A small amount of sawdust is sprinkled to cover our toilet paper and poo, protect it from flies, reduce smell, and absorb any stray liquid. We have supplied the toilets with a 1/2 cup scoop, which is the equivalent of a small handful of sawdust. This is plenty--too much sawdust mummifies the poops! Also, please try to avoid getting sawdust in the urine diverters.
_Close the lids/flaps_
These bins are equipped with fly catchers, so no bugs who have had access to poo can have access to us. In order for the system to have proper airflow, which controls the FLIES and the SMELL, the toilet lids and the outside wheelie-bin flaps must be closed whenever they are not in use.

What happens to the Wheelie-Bins?
There are several options:
-The bins can be sealed for a minimum of 2 years, after which the resultant mass can be placed on hungry nutrient-loving plants or trees like cottonwoods (aka poop beasts).
-The bin can have bacteria added that boost decomposition, which results in a mass approximately 1/20th of the original size. This means the bins can then go back in the system to be re-used.
-The bins can have black soldier fly larva added, which digest the poo and remain trapped inside until the mass is reduced.

Special Instructions for using Wheelie-Bin Poopers during the Shark Week visit by Aunt Flo from Redbrook:
This facility has been equipped with a sink to facilitate cleanliness and female convenience.
-For those of us who use menstrual cups, Congratulations! The process is easy--we empty our cups into the bin, and we can use the provided spray bottles to spritz the relevant body parts if needed. Small amounts of blood and water are acceptable in the bins. (picture of menstrual cup with smiley face)
-For those of us who use re-usable pads, sponges or tampons, Congratulations! We can use the sink to rinse them and re-apply if necessary. (pictures of re-usable products with smiley face)
-For those of us who use disposable pads or tampons, there are a few that are acceptable to put in the bin. Natural options that are acceptable in the bins are grass, moss, cat tail fluff and wool. Of the commercially available options, the acceptable ones are specifically labeled as biodegradable and compostable, like the Seventh Generation and Nutracare brands. Please do not put other feminine products in the toilet. We have a garbage can provided for these items. (pictures of compostables with smiley face, pictures of non-compostables with big, ugly crosses)
4 years ago
I have indeed spoken with Michael. He speaks with authority about tree houses in general, but since he's not familiar with the rocket mass heater, he can't really offer an opinion on whether or not I would be able to install one in a tree house.
4 years ago
74) A gapper was here earlier this year and wanted to build a treehouse with a rocket mass heater in it. At first I thought it would not be possible, but after a lot of discussion, we came up with a steep spot on the volcano where if you built a tree house, one end would be close to the ground and the other end would be way up in the trees. The end close to the ground could have some support from the ground for a rocket mass heater!

Have you folks heard of a dude called Michael Garnier, who did a bunch of experimentation to develop an artificial tree limb that can hold in the neighborhood of 8,000 to 9,000 pounds? He also has a heavy duty limb that he claims can hold something like 23,000 pounds. This is of great interest to me, since I'd like to put a RMH in a treehouse built on 4 trees outside Portland. Surely that's enough of a weight carrying capacity to allow for a RMH in a tree? Thoughts, anyone?
4 years ago